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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
19 October
Email address for humans: halfshellvenus at livejournal dot com

My fiction pages: Supernatural Gen, Supernatural Slash, Prison Break Gen, Prison Break Slash, Other (Random-Fandom) Fiction, Misc Original Fiction, LJ Idol Season 8, LJ Idol Exhibit A, LJ Idol Exhibit B

Please do not translate my stories into other languages. However, if you'd like to podfic anything, feel free and then please drop me an IM!

I'm probably older than you. I'm a wife, a mother, and a worker bee. Fanfic was my biggest vice for years, but now I mainly bog and do creative writing for LJ Idol.

I have many television loves, especially shows involving drama, snark, and/or offbeat comedy. Most don't become fandoms, but you never know what'll take hold. A stray drabble offering or comment-fic story can kick off all sorts of things.

I read and write both Gen and Slash fanfic, depending upon the character and movie/show. I've written over 100 stories for each of the Prison Break and Supernatural fandoms, as well as stories for many others. Thanks to LJ Idol, I also have a decent assortment of original works as well. Links to all my fic pages are off the main page.

I also read a lot of actual books, especially mysteries and YA stories. Between the gym, my bedside, and the around-the-house book, I'm typically reading several things in parallel. As you do.

Anyone who wishes to may "friend" me, and if we have similar interests (and your journal is in a language I can read!), I'll most likely friend you back. I enjoy discussion! And thinky thoughts. And randomness. Please feel free to comment and participate. :D

Testimonial: "you would not believe the things halfshellvenus can do with one prompt, two brothers, and a hundred words. uncanny." tsuki_no_bara

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