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Thursday Ramblings (Mmmmm... Thursday...)

First, if you haven’t read the Prison Break Crack!PicSpam I posted on Monday, what are you waiting for? You don’t even need to know must about Prison Break—it’s cracktastic on its own. You know you want to! => Penguin Break: The Story Of Lincoln Burrows. :D

Second, how’s that Prison Break Fic Exchange story coming? I’ve gotten back maybe ½ of the stories from people on my f-list, which means *pokety* that some of you need to get cracking! Not in THAT sense of “crack,” but you know what I mean.. Due next Monday.

Third, a new round of Prison Break Fan Fiction Awards has opened again. All details can be found here. Time to look up your favorites and get nominating! Hope lots of you will participate. :)

Fourth, yes I know it’s a new Supernatural episode tonight! Whoo-hoo! I’m still unspoiled, though, and let’s keep it that way.

On to the rambling…

I did the final outdoor Christmas lights on Saturday, which took far more time than I’d expected. Namely, dead lights! Including ½ of a purple strand (not that easy to come buy). New technology keeps a single burned bulb from taking down the string, BUT in a new stroke of evil genius the strings are now 3-wires|2-wires|3-wires, and guess what fails? Yes! The connection between the two halves of the 3-wired sections. So instead of losing a bulb that can be replaced, you lose an entire half of the string and can’t fix it. #$%!*@!!

I spent too much time diagnosing this, aided by low blood sugar (at one point, it was "Wires…Connect… How?") until I ate the micro-lunch I’d brought out to make up for the foray into the kids’ Chocolate Lucky Charms earlier that day (Damn that tempting kid-food! Damn my lack of willpower!). The final insult was tree-bits falling into my eyes while I strung the lights through the crepe-myrtle tree.

Hate Rant: people who make timers, have you not noticed that the world in the last decade has gone to POLARIZED plug connectors? Moreover, the outside ones are grounded connectors. Please to be updating your plug connection. ;(

Love mention: people who make polarized=>straight adapters and grounded=>straight adapters? ♥ you.

Monday I tried some Christmas shopping for the family. I fear the mall (moreso at Christmas), so I went to the less-travelled mall instead. I found nothing for the husband, a tiny something for his brother (add wine and cookies and we’re good to go, so yay!), and mostly a few items for Toys-For-Tots. My kids are getting so old that they’re harder to shop for (in Christopher’s case, the toys just suck). However, neat toys for younger kids—still easy to find.

I sent some gift ideas for the kids to my parents. Heavily specified. My Dad’s genius is to overlook important details, so in the past few years we are always returning something/fixing the gift. Birthday present for the 7-year-old was the Teen->Adult version of a toy where he needed the 8+ version. Last Christmas it was duplicating my sister’s gift to my son (because I now know that you can no longer communicate in negatives to my Dad any more. “Don’t buy X” becomes “Buy X! Really buy X!”) *Sigh* Needless to say, the DVDs I listed out all had “FULLSCREEN” as the required version. What do you want to bet we get at least one “Widescreen” one?

We took the kids to the annual school “Holiday Night” on Tuesday. This features cookie-decorating (sometimes other treats) and crafts. My son became very pissy about doing it-- there was nothing fun to do, and no he didn’t want to decorate a cookie because that was just boring! Grrrr. My husband plunked him down and told him to get busy, and in three minutes Christopher was happy as a clam, making his cookie and eating M&Ms off of the decoration plate.

Quick—meaningless poll!

Who has more issues?

Sam Winchester
That "Can You Hear Me Now?" Dork
I'm still stuck on a 7-year-old being in a snit over a cookie and a plate of candy

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