The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Saturday ramblings

Okay, it's actually Sunday now, I guess.

We saw "The Fountain" tonight, because I'm just insane for Hugh Jackman. I'm still not entirely sure what happened in that movie, though it was about love and being afraid to lose it. I'll stand by that part firmly. The music sounds like generic Philip Glass, but isn't.

How are people's Prison Break Fic Exchange stories coming? Due December 11th (I have four stories back already!), and this weekend would probably be an excellent time to work on them before school finals/papers come due.

My last two bike rides have been cold (clear and chilly here), and on Friday's ride I was hightailing it back upriver to get out of the parkway before dark. Cut it pretty close-- I could see brown shapes by the side of the path that turned out to be deer on closer inspection, and I always worry that they're going to randomly wander out in front of me (or worse yet, bolt in front of me!). There's a part way downriver that smelled like blackberry tea just two weeks ago. Now the fruit has dried up and there's nothing there-- but a faint smell of wild anise further up. Down near the bottom of the path the water in the stagnant seasonal pools is at maximum brackishness. Phew! The egrets seem to love it anyway (yick).

I am woefully behind on comments this month, thanks to cranking out fiction for mini_wrimo in all my spare time. AND way too many birthday fics in November. Heavens, f-list, spread out a little!

In conclusion: Dean loves Sam and Michael loves Lincoln, and the whole world loves Hugh Jackman. ;)
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