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10 November 2006 @ 03:15 pm
What I Wrote In September And October  
Thing have been a little busy, can you tell? Because it's already 1/3 of the way through November, and I'm just now posting this up.

Two fandoms and lots of challenges these last two months:

Supernatural Gen
Halloween Dreams In A Motor-Inn World-- Wee!Winchester story. Little Dean tries to create Halloween from stuff in the motel (for spn_halloween).
Death In Flight-- Soldier John and the Urban Legend of 'Room for one more'.
Candy Apples And Vampire Teeth-- 5 trick-or-treat monsters Dean never met (for spn_halloween).
Far Away, So Close-- 2 drabbles on "Touch or Feeling"
Happy Whatever. Maybe.-- How Winchesters cope with birthdays...
Monster Mash-- Sam's Halloween Dance disaster (for spn_flashback)
Witch Kitsch-- 2 humorous drabbles on "Halloween."
Comes Calling-- drabble on "Fall," John's POV.
The Unknowable-- 3 drabbles on "Sixth Sense."
In Translation-- 3 drabbles on "Hearing." (Sam, Dean, John)
Belonging-- drabble on "Smell"
This Burden-- 2 drabbles on "Sight" (Sam, other)
Always At A Price-- 2 drabbles on "Gain" (Dean, John)

Supernatural Slash
Shattered-- Season 2, NC-17 rated for Non-con and darkness. Not my usual fare, but very, very good.
In The Light Of Day-- Sunrise-tinted Wincest, surreal and sweet. Rated R.
Of Galleons And Ghosties-- Wincest Pirate!Fic #2: Outrageous quantities of absolute crack.
Fortune's Fair Disregard-- Wincest Pirate!Fic #1: The romantic one.
If I Would You When?-- R-rated dreamy Wincest.
Falling-- 2 Wincest drabbles on "Fall", Dean's POV. One-sided longing.
Encoded Longing-- 2 R-Rated Wincest drabbles on "Taste."
Stay-- 3 Wincest drabbles on "Smell." Escape... Return... Remember
Unforseen-- 5-drabble Wincest arc on "Sight"

Prison Break Gen
Sunday, Boring Sunday-- Kid!Fic with Lincoln and Michael on a snowy day. Fluffy.
Fallen-- My Prison Break Fic Exchange 2 story. Dark, Het, Druggy, and really good.
Wait, What?-- Post-Escape humor. Things fall apart in a hideaway shack.
Down To The Dirt-- Season2: Where all the plans and consequences lead...
Knowing All The Wrong Things-- Michael's POV. The curse of genius...

Prison Break Slash
Diamonds In The Dark-- Season 2 M/L slash: Lincoln finally sees the reason behind Michael's choices.
Someone Else's-- M/L slash, Michael's POV: Someone or something was always getting in the way.
Always, Chapter 7: Radio Silence-- M/L slash in a continuing parallel-to-canon series.

House: Is That An Intubator In Your Pocket?-- House/Wilson snarky slash with baaaad innuendos and euphemisms.
24: A Sequence Of Hours-- 3 stories for 60_minute_fics
Star Trek TNG: Manners Are For Mortals-- Q/Reluctant-Picard, humor for summercon
Literary Classics: Six Little Words
mooyoomooyoo on November 12th, 2006 06:25 am (UTC)
Completely off-topic, but -
- my email doesn't let me reply to comments, so -

Confusingly, spn_flashback and sn_flashback are two different comms - sn_flashback is a general pre-series fic comm, spn_flashback is the challenge comm (and you have no idea how much that confused me - I was staring at my list of communities thinking "I swore there was a non-challenge pre-series fic comm with "flashback" in the title, what the hell was the name of it?").

But yeah, it's not like there can be too many comms around, but I just wanted to point that one out in case you hadn't seen it.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Sam & Dean Genhalfshellvenus on November 12th, 2006 07:54 am (UTC)
Re: Completely off-topic, but -
OK, that IS even more confusing. I thought there was just the one comm, and that it was challenges-only. sn_flashback I hadn't even heard of! Wish they'd called it weeWinchesters and been done with it. Go for the obvious, that's my motto. You can tell I spend too much time thinking about "usability" in my job...

I keep hoping you're going to actually read some of these stories, but nooooo. :P
mooyoomooyoo on November 12th, 2006 08:12 am (UTC)
Re: Completely off-topic, but -
sn_flashback was around before spn_flashback was created, I think, and I like the name, it does make sense, but I mostly wish spn_flashback had gone with a different one, because that is wicked confusing. But I do like something with wee!Winchesters (especially as it seems everyone is using that term lately and I find it terribly cute).

I actually have read a couple of yours that I haven't commented on yet (for no particular reason, just because I was being lazy) - read the Michael/Lincoln, which was very nice and makes me wonder why there's been so little M/L fic around lately (feels like everyhing has been moving more and more towards Michael/Sara recently). But there are a bunch that I still need to read, particulary the pirate fic :)
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Sam & Dean Genhalfshellvenus on November 12th, 2006 08:28 am (UTC)
Re: Completely off-topic, but -
Yes-- I can't imagine why you'd stomp on an existing (active, heh) comm with such a similar name. I thought there was only the one. I love the wee!Winchester name, which we didn't have before of course-- or so many stories that fit that category. I used to dread kidFic with a passion, but I find that in Prison Break and Supernatural I quite like it. Maybe because their childhoods by definition were kind of weird.

I've had trouble with the M/L fic because of the stupid baseball hiatus and where that cliffhanger left off (with Lincoln leaving Michael). I wrote almost nothing for Prison Break in that time-- it killed my muse dead. Feeling a little better now, obviously. ;)

The pirate!Fic... is deadly. It's a must read, if only to wonder what the heck I was smoking when I wrote it. :0
mooyoo: M/L - Veronica window L/Mmooyoo on November 13th, 2006 06:32 am (UTC)
Re: Completely off-topic, but -
Maybe because their childhoods by definition were kind of weird.

Yeah, we know that both sets of brothers had really unusual, fairly screwed up childhoods, and there's so much history to each relationship, so many things that have come before the show that would be so interesting to explore in fic. Until these two shows I don't think I ever really had any preference for or against kid!fic, though I do think that these two shows are much more conducive to pre-series fic, because the relationships have been established for years. On a show like, say, Lost or Alias or House, where all of the characters come together within the series, I think kid!fic would be a lot less interesting, as it would either be only about one character, or feature cliched meetings between characters as children.

I've had trouble with the M/L fic because of the stupid baseball hiatus and where that cliffhanger left off (with Lincoln leaving Michael).

Yeah, even now they're in such an awkward spot, with the brothers still seperated and pretty much all of the characters scattered around, which makes it hard for me to write a whole lot taking place currently - lately I find that I keep writing conversations between them taking place in the car randomly driving somewhere, because I can't find another setting for them within the context of the show :p It might get a bit easier once the show goes on its long winter hiatus.