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What I Wrote In September And October

Thing have been a little busy, can you tell? Because it's already 1/3 of the way through November, and I'm just now posting this up.

Two fandoms and lots of challenges these last two months:

Supernatural Gen
Halloween Dreams In A Motor-Inn World-- Wee!Winchester story. Little Dean tries to create Halloween from stuff in the motel (for spn_halloween).
Death In Flight-- Soldier John and the Urban Legend of 'Room for one more'.
Candy Apples And Vampire Teeth-- 5 trick-or-treat monsters Dean never met (for spn_halloween).
Far Away, So Close-- 2 drabbles on "Touch or Feeling"
Happy Whatever. Maybe.-- How Winchesters cope with birthdays...
Monster Mash-- Sam's Halloween Dance disaster (for spn_flashback)
Witch Kitsch-- 2 humorous drabbles on "Halloween."
Comes Calling-- drabble on "Fall," John's POV.
The Unknowable-- 3 drabbles on "Sixth Sense."
In Translation-- 3 drabbles on "Hearing." (Sam, Dean, John)
Belonging-- drabble on "Smell"
This Burden-- 2 drabbles on "Sight" (Sam, other)
Always At A Price-- 2 drabbles on "Gain" (Dean, John)

Supernatural Slash
Shattered-- Season 2, NC-17 rated for Non-con and darkness. Not my usual fare, but very, very good.
In The Light Of Day-- Sunrise-tinted Wincest, surreal and sweet. Rated R.
Of Galleons And Ghosties-- Wincest Pirate!Fic #2: Outrageous quantities of absolute crack.
Fortune's Fair Disregard-- Wincest Pirate!Fic #1: The romantic one.
If I Would You When?-- R-rated dreamy Wincest.
Falling-- 2 Wincest drabbles on "Fall", Dean's POV. One-sided longing.
Encoded Longing-- 2 R-Rated Wincest drabbles on "Taste."
Stay-- 3 Wincest drabbles on "Smell." Escape... Return... Remember
Unforseen-- 5-drabble Wincest arc on "Sight"

Prison Break Gen
Sunday, Boring Sunday-- Kid!Fic with Lincoln and Michael on a snowy day. Fluffy.
Fallen-- My Prison Break Fic Exchange 2 story. Dark, Het, Druggy, and really good.
Wait, What?-- Post-Escape humor. Things fall apart in a hideaway shack.
Down To The Dirt-- Season2: Where all the plans and consequences lead...
Knowing All The Wrong Things-- Michael's POV. The curse of genius...

Prison Break Slash
Diamonds In The Dark-- Season 2 M/L slash: Lincoln finally sees the reason behind Michael's choices.
Someone Else's-- M/L slash, Michael's POV: Someone or something was always getting in the way.
Always, Chapter 7: Radio Silence-- M/L slash in a continuing parallel-to-canon series.

House: Is That An Intubator In Your Pocket?-- House/Wilson snarky slash with baaaad innuendos and euphemisms.
24: A Sequence Of Hours-- 3 stories for 60_minute_fics
Star Trek TNG: Manners Are For Mortals-- Q/Reluctant-Picard, humor for summercon
Literary Classics: Six Little Words
Tags: monthly_fic_list

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