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SPN 2.07 "Usual Suspects" and Friday randomness

It's been quite a week, what with fics for THREE f-list birthday ladies (wenchpixie, tyrical and fiddleyoumust). mini_wrimo and you November-birthday people have been keeping me busy.

I spent last weekend doing the matrix and emailing for the pbfic_exchange2 Round 3, and what a head-breaker of a chore that was. 25 authors! Unsual prompts! And clex_monkie89 isn't doing this one, which removed some opportunity. Thank goodness we have so many versatile writers still in this round.

I've started the morning with a headache (working at home with the kids underfoot doesn't help), and sealed the deal by reading the last few chapters of "The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane." Yes, the various adventures of a toy china rabbit made me cry this morning. I wanted my daughter (age 9) to read this book, and she bailed out at Chapter 5. Maybe that's all for the best. Ow, ow, ow!

On to Supernatural, the center of most of our minds today anyway...

Mixed feelings on this episode-- most of my f-list loved it more than I did, and it was a little flat overall (the writing) spreckled with pieces of awesome.

Some of these are echoed on other people's journals as well.

The Bad
The mini-exposition of Sam's past for us all again (including the exact phrase "free ride") was klunky. Shake it up, writers! She doesn't watch the show.
Dean. Sam. If you're going to touch stuff on a B&E, wear some freakin' gloves. That's just dumb.
Sam's forehead. Klingonesque. :(
Didn't like the "Matlock" insult-- I can imagine that they both thought of it, but I can't see Sam randomly being mean to that lawyer.
Must virtually every female cop on television drop her gun? :(
Split pea soup reference threw me right out of the show. Klunky.
Lack of hug after badCop is dead (instead, right to commercial where that hug should have been)

The Good
Creepy vengeful ghost lady. Aaaaaaah!
Bathroom scene with creepy ghost. Awesome.
The whole non-verbal communication between Sam and Dean during the interrogation (!) of the widow.
The brothers' logistics on how to find each other when they've had to split up-- incredibly awesome. As good as a fanfic writer would have done! (No, I'm not being facetious)
Dean's extremely sincere confession of what was in fact the actual truth.
Mouth noises to pester Sam. That just cracked me the hell up.
The once-again inventively evil motel-room decor. Wow.
If I'm not mistaken, Sam used Dean's EMF meter-- and it served a crucial purpose!
Brotherly shoulder-bump (though a hug would have been better)

The Hmmm
Why didn't Diana go further with the train of thought that started with "Apartment burned up. Girlfriend died. You disappeared... who set the fire?" NOT that I wanted her to, but you know?
Dean mouthing off to cops when he's in deep shit already just makes me cringe. And it's dumb, so IS that something Dean would really do?
How can Dean/Jensen write so big? It's like he's writing with his whole hand. Sheesh.

anteka went on a whole discussion in her journal about Dean and lying that was really interesting. Namely, Dean is a terrible liar-- that's obvious. SAM, apparently, is a very good liar, which is not what you'd expect from Mr. Wholesome now, is it? anteka theorizes that perhaps this has not been a major problem for Dean before, because he always had John to handle the savviness of lying and conning and now he (usually) has Sam. I love the moral questions that brings up, because Dean is smart and able to charm when he wants to (most of the time, he can't be bothered). But he doesn't do "sincere" at all well, and the underlying reason for that is usually because a person is bothered by lying. How fascinating is the thought that Dean has more moral qualms on that issue than Sam? *ponders*

Weigh in. What does everyone else think about the episode?
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