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PrisonBreak Fanfiction: Why She Stays

Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Sara (Genfic)
Rating: PG
Archive: Ask first
Feedback: I live for it

Disclaimer: Prison Break and its intriguing characters belong to Fox and no-one else.

Author’s Note: Never thought I’d be writing a Sara fic. I’m shocked! But she needs better understanding than PB is giving her right now. This is for the lovely Thelana.


On her worst days, Sara wonders why she is still working at Fox River Prison.

Her job runs to extremes. For the most part, it consists of mundane maintenance care on a few regular patients. Yet almost daily, she finds herself running combat-level triage on an inmate who got on someone’s bad side, even for just the few seconds it took to inflict a significant injury.

She has given more tetanus shots than anyone outside of Doctors Without Borders, she is sure, because the weapons here are crude and filthy and hacked up out of pieces of old plastic, wood and metal.

A certain level of wariness and distrust is required to survive in here, to keep from getting suckered into the charms and scheming that most convicts work like an innate gift. She wonders sometimes if she has spoiled herself forever by being here, by relying too much on cynicism and watchfulness. But then she remembers the father who loves her so shallowly, who adores the idea of her but never takes the time or care she needs to feel noticed. Perhaps, when she came here, it was already too late to be someone else.

She thinks about getting a kitten sometimes, to fill the empty space in her apartment and her heart. Something to love without reservation, and something that would give love in return. Still, she knows what it’s like to wait for happiness to arrive, and she thinks of that kitten home alone all day living for her return. She can’t bring herself to be that selfish.

But on a rare day, when she treats someone who is incarcerated despite their better nature, her choices are not in question. Sometimes it is Westmoreland, always the gentleman and with his crime so far behind him, or Michael, with his soft voice and coaxing manner and his mysterious lack of priors. She thinks of Warden Pope, of his ideals, of the good he tries to do through his policies and example. And she finds hope in the idea that the two of them are working to improve the world, from this darkest of origins, through the art of persuasion and respect. On those days, she understands why it is important for someone, anyone, to try to do what she does.

Even here, kindness matters. And she still has enough of that to go around.

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