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Supernatural Gen Drabbles: All This Is Not

Title: All This Is Not
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Missouri, Sam, John (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: 3x100 drabbles on “Denial” for supernatural100.


Blessed (Missouri)
It’s a gift (not a curse) she reminds herself.

The sensing and knowing is part of God’s plan. She cannot question whether she wants it-- He deemed her worthy.

City crowds are overwhelming. Murderous thoughts and doomed children flash inside her as she walks along the street. Darker things may be among them, their presence an odor fouling the sameness of the everyday world.

She stays close to home, but Evil finds her. It shows her everything, miles away or even right next door.

But she helps, she foresees… she comforts.

And these tears aren’t hers.

She swears they’re not.

Imagined (Sam)
They weren’t visions when he had them—they were only nightmares. Buried memories, or awful imaginings based on the stories Dad and Dean had told him about Mom.

The fleeting images of black robes and untold power were nothing he’d known before. They seemed impossible, unreal-- warped distortions of things the Winchesters hunted down.

When he awoke to the flames of family legend, he knew it was hopeless. He’d lost his future for the second time.

But he couldn’t have foreseen what those nightmares had meant.

They were only dreams before— how could he know that was going to change?

Waiting (John)
Would her hair be gray like her mother’s by now? He can’t help wonder, years too late, what they would have had.

Her memory lives not in sweetness, but in her helpless end. He sees her trapped and tormented, as she died and not as she was. Every smile and word is overlaid with fire and horror and shock.

He’ll have peace when he finds the Demon. After vengeance is done, Mary will return again with all those locked-away details of joy.

It haunts him still that he cannot find her. Victory will change that.

It has to. It will.

------ fin ------

Tags: drabbles, mini_nanowrimo, sn_gen
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