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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Supernatural Gen Drabbles: Witch Kitsch

Title: Witch Kitsch
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam, Dean (Gen, Humor)
Rating: PG
Summary: 2x100 “Halloween” Drabbles for supernatural100.


The hills behind the Sound are teeming with witches. Covens in the forest, covens in the moonlight. Any universal forces would be drained by the sheer numbers of people turning out.

“These granola conventions suck,” Dean mutters.

“What?” Sam’s reading Monteparte’s Grammerye.

“Patchouli-wearing PETA people. Pagan vegans. You know. They flock here.”


“Every Halloween, Dad sends us here to protect them when the real stuff’s running loose! If they’d stay home and smoke pot or magic their cats, we’d be off hunting zombies and werewolves instead.”

“Ah. You resent them.”

“Damn right. Witchcraft wannabees.”

The endless night continues on...

Orange and black dominate the diner. Sam settles his laptop on a table while Dean moves the ghost-bedecked condiment tray aside.

“So?” Dean prods.

“Chuckie’s Chowder and the Spooky Hollow Salad.”

“Chuckie’s practically an evil clown, Sam. I’m surprised.”

“Thanks for bringing that up, Dean.” Sam peruses the menu again. “What’re you having?”

Dean grunts. “Halloween Hamburger. If I can order it without dying.”

“Pie later?”

“Sure. Maybe pumpkin.”

“But apple’s your favorite.”

Dean coughs uncomfortably. “Used to be. It’s… a thing, now.”

“Riiight,” Sam says knowingly. “Because only other people’s hangups are actually dumb.”

Dean head-thwaps Sam.



-------- fin --------

Tags: drabbles, halloween, holiday, sn_gen
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