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FanFic Fridays!

Yes, I'm still doing this-- about every other week, it seems (but not on purpose).

1) What I'm writing
I should be writing more Prison Break (especially now that the show unhooked itself from so much of the evilCharacterDestruction of the pre-baseball-hiatus episode). Haven't yet-- the T-Bag 5 things was started in August, and honestly, I'll have to rewrite the second one a bit (and confirm the remaining three). Somehow, this one is proving harder than the usual "5 things" stories.

Definitely writing another spn_halloween fic (wee!Winchesters), and I've got an Urban Legend fic due for 60_minute_fics. As you can imagine, they're both due 10/31. Urp!

2) Recs! And more recs!

Prison Break
Ten Below by pamalax-- Prison Break M/L slash with snark, allure, and mmmmarvelous descriptions of the seductive powers of Lincoln's voice. This was a birthday gift from Pamala. ♥
Untitled Prison Break Fic by mooyoo, where she attacks one of my PB pet peeves and grinds it into the dirt! \o/
First Times And Last Times by demonic_cookie. This was one of the first post-Escape fics written, and though it's AU now it is still hands-down one of the best. Incredible characterizations and drama, tightly conveyed.

Wincest: Back when I first started reading fanfic for this show, on, there were these incredible post-episode Slash stories by an author who is known here on Live Journal as gravi_girl123. They still really resonate with me-- there's a more 'masculine' tone to them, if you will, than most authors bring off in writing M/M slash, and the stories are short, compelling, hot, and full of emotion. And this is a young author-- one of those cases where people my age who have been writing fanfic for slightly more than a year just suddenly feel all inadequate. So, some of my favorites of hers include:
Who Am I?. This Dean POV story has a recurring theme structure (really well handled here), and this feeling of raw ache. Still one of my favorites.
Just a Dream. A Sam POV, where he remembers Dean over time and realizes where they fall in each others' lives.
It's Hard Not To Notice (When You're So Goddamn Pretty). Sam POV (as you might have guessed), this is just everything most of us have ever thought. The second-person works really well here-- if you've never liked it, you may re-evaluate it after reading this.

I could go on all day about this author (Hint: her Supernatural fics are in her memories), but let's shift gears a little for two
Gen fics:
Spill The Blood Of The Sky by pixel_0. This is an AU post-apocalyptic fic, described as "Sam and Dean make their own curse for the end of the world." The idea, the stark style, the unfolding story and the word choices create an atmosphere that is still with me a week later now.
Untitle Drabbles by maygra. These are untitled (and possibly unposted out to the world). All are good, but I especially like the first and last ones. The first (prompts were sam, mary, fireflies) is stunning-- the idea of the ritual created here, how it is realized, and the crystalline beauty and pain of this story are just incredible. The last ("a taste of snow in the air") shows the brothers' dynamic wonderfully in a short vignette, in which they talk around things and somehow communicate what they'll never directly say.

Hope you give some of these a try, and please leave some love for the authors when you do. :)

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