The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Supernatural Mumblings, Ep. 2.05

Less angsty than the last few episodes, but... I feel cheated that we didn't get to see the healing process of Sam and Dean getting closer.

We were denied necessary touching last week (the only thing that could have helped Dean then, because words would have been so useless and trite). So we go from broken-hearted (and just plain broken) with disturbing explosions of anger and single-minded on Dean's part to... la-la-la-la. Happy day, love my car.

After suffering through so much of the angst (and part of it hurt so much because of the refusal to make things right between the brothers-- the way they were so isolated from each other at a time when they needed to support each other most), it seems unfair that everything has snapped back into their old dynamic without any in-between to account for it.

I'm griping about this episode's position in the arc, really. I have no complaints about it otherwise, just that I feel we were owed more of a transition out of that 4-episode angst-arc. This could have happily come later in the season.

Of the good:
Cracks about bad food (Yes! We always knew that must eventually get old)
A "fake" metal-band song! Kripke, you kill me. I can't believe you used a "Spinal Tap" song-- especially THAT one!
'Mind-controlled' Dean just cheerfully babbling stuff out, and then wanting to kill himself moments later.
Icky, pantsless, porn-watching Ash-- Sam and Dean's reaction was priceless.
The honky-tonk jazzy song in the bar near the end.
"These are not the droids you're looking for."
Soundgarden song! And an appropriate choice.
"I have an evil twin."
Sam being devastated over preventing the one disaster he foresaw, but the Doctor still died after all.
Dean loves Sam again. I have so desperately missed that. Can't wait for sargraf's manlove meta on it, because the little touches were back. The tide has turned.

Of the bad:
Still not liking Jo so much (sorry)
How does a guy who lives at a bar get swayed by the offer of a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? Dude, hold out for more.
The jukebox bar song. REO Speedwagon? One of the many 80's dud bands for me.
Not actually a fan of Dean gushing all over the car and calling it 'baby.' I know everybody else loves it, but I don't. It's too over-the-top.
Dean tossing his food-wrapper crap in the back of the car. That seems really inconsistent to me given the above.
Dean singing in the car just bothered me. It went on too long, and was... awkward. Mainly, I felt embarassed for Jensen, and that pulls me right out of the show.
Sam's parted bangs. Please cover that forehead again. Not only does it make Sam less good-looking (to me), but the forehead always seems to be furrowed this season.
Implied evil-twin rape of Andy's still-loved girlfriend. Not unrealistic, just... the first element of that I think we've seen in this show.
The human-torch at the gas station. That really disturbed me in so many ways.

While I didn't like so much that Andy cheated people out of money, most of his mind controlling was rather gentle and harmless. Even with the Impala-- he wanted to take it for a ride, but never meant to keep it.

I like that Dean's instincts about him were right, as well. It's a nice contrast to last week's episode, when he went all postal on a grieving father. :(

ETA: I found the phrase that describes my major complaint about this episode: Magic Reset Button. That's what it feels like-- as if Kripke pushed the Magic Reset on all the angst and discomfort between the brothers and magically cancelled it out. I've never liked that in any other show that's done it, and I don't like it here. If you can write the broken angst... you should be able to write the healing as well. And I wanted to see that, damnit! I wanted to see the gradual coming back together, and Dean awkwardly trying to undo the assy corner he put himself in and having to earn Sam's goodwill instead of taking it for granted. That's why I feel so damn cheated. They skipped over the HARD part, and we deserved better.

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