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Wednesday Randomness

First, I finished my SPN angst-fic. That is a huge weight off my shoulders, since I was having trouble writing anything else during the 2 1/2 weeks of working on that (!). Very painful, but I think it's also one of the best things I've written. It's here if you're interested, and it's not my usual stuff. Dark, Non-Con, and Season 2 angst.

Still to come: spn_halloween fic #2 (muse? Helloooo) and a 60-minute session in which to write an Urban Legend challenge fic for my favorite challenge comm. ;)

My birthday last week was low-key, but wonderful. My online friends were a HUGE part of the celebration, and thanks to all of you! (except for those of you that forgot, in which case, *thwappity*). My major RL gift was a new bike, to replace the one that's about 19 years old that I have kind of killed.

I recounted my store visit on Maygra's journal:
Me: "These brakes! They're all loose and mushy. They need tightening."
Salesman: "Oh, you don't like that? That's actually how you shift the gears."
Me: *looks down at lower stem where gears have lived since the dawn of forever. Ponders nearest tarpit for dinosaur self...*

*cough* Yeah. That bad.

So in trying it out, I've gotten mostly used to the fit and the muscles have transitioned over. Much quieter (gears especially) than the other bike. Some transition pains:
* The cross bar is at least 2" lower than the last bike, and when I tried to get out the water bottle during the ride it would get stuck on the bike frame! (dumbass designers) Put a different & lower bottle-cage on. Much better.

* Are these pedals closer together? *ponders*

* Must every woman's bicycle seat be a piece of random Evil?

* Shifting gears... oy. I've gotten used to it on the right-hand side. The left is destined to remain problematic. I'm not that great with the whole left/right thing, and sometimes I get a neurological 'misfire.' On the old bike, I'd be heading up a hill and trying to "gear up" for it. But sometimes the left hand would activate, and the gear-ratio goes backwards on that side. So I'd go from revving up to "Hamsterwheel!", and lose all my momentum on the hill. This new situation is going to be worse, I can tell. During yesterday's ride on city streets (where there are lots of stops), half the time I would cancel a gear instead of turning off the cyclometer (both are thumb-button actions).

Maybe I do too much of my riding in auto-pilot mode.

This time of year... so beautiful weatherwise, and they keep the bike-path clear of leaves. But the squirrel-induced heart-attack problem comes back in full force in the Fall. In Spring, it's mating season. *cringe* In the fall, it's clueless baby squirrels running under the bike, or just distracted squirrels with giant nuts in their mouths. In any case, I'm working the adrenal glands overtime out on the bike-path.

Signups for the next round of pbfic_exchange2 are going on through Halloween. We have 10+ authors already, and some new folks too! I'm hoping some Michael/Sara types or other Gen authors will join for more balance-- we're heavy on the Michael/Lincoln side again. Tell a friend, pimp to the world!

Oh, and... back in love with Prison Break now that the evil of the prior episode has settled out. Stupid baseball hiatus.

More spammage tomorrow, perhaps.

In office news, my work PC is so overloaded with Microsoft patches and such that it barely runs any applications. Right now, I can choose between running my traffic-generator-test-machine, or Microsoft Outlook. Pathetic.
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