The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Lovely Birthday, Lovely Friends!

Oh, I heard from so many wonderful people today.

Greetings from many friends and friends-of-friends, including witchofthedogs, jellicle, wenchpixie, thelana, impertinence, alazysod, tenaciousmetoo, lampshade_days, flipmontigirl, and girlmostlikely.

Birthday balloons from particlesofgale! Thank you, dear lady, for this and your lovely friendship this past year! And an adorable box of virtual chocolates from sweet sargraf, whose SPN meta makes me swoon.

And the fics.... Shall I list them? :)

Haunted by missyjack-- Sam/Dean, great Sam angst and wonderful use of the prompt!
Cherry Soda Kiss by pheebs1-- Sam/Dean schmoop and sweetness. :)
Ten Below by pamalax-- Prison Break M/L slash with snark, allure, and mmmmarvelous descriptions of the seductive powers of Lincoln's voice
J-Squared Drabbles on Pirate-themes by deirdre_c, because of... YOU know. :D
Peace In Our Time by poisontaster-- Sam/Dean healing and schmoop with a touch of angst, and just... Guh!
General Store, Monday Morning by moveablehistory-- Sam/Dean schmoop and teasing tenderness, and so very sweet. :)
A Birthday Cake for Dean by kdsch123 (her first SPN fic, written for 60_minute_fics and the ongoing birthday challenges. Winchesters and birthdays and the dangerous subtext of girly-man cakes. :D

Supernatural "Dirty Boys" banner" by merctales :D
Untitled Prison Break Fic by mooyoo, where she attacks one of my PB pet peeves and grinds it into the dirt! \o/
Spoken Like a Winchester by lissa_bear and fiddleyoumust. Coda to "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things", and it finishes what the show started but left hanging once again. Perfect title-- you'll understand when you read it. :)

Might see something from alazysod in the next few days, and meanwhile...

Thank you one and all! ♥
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