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Die Hard 4:
Better Late Than Never (PG-13): John and Matt, Gen or Pre-Slash. Being the strong, silent type has its consequences, some of them unintended.
Subtextual Valentines (R): John/Matt Valentine's Day Slash. John might be so subtle that even he doesn't realize what he's saying.
Old-School Pwnage (PG-13): John/Matt Slash. Old-fashioned fun has its advantages...
Number 01 With A Bullet (PG-13): John/Matt Slash. A lesson in skill and distraction.
Out In The Country, No-One Can Hear You Scream (PG-13): John/Matt slash for Sweet Charity. The story of John McClane versus slow, suburban torture…
Talking Turkey (PG-13): John/Matt Thanksgiving Slash with a touch of schmoop for any occasion.
Technically, No Was Never An Option (PG-13): John/Matt Gen or Pre-Slash. If this constituted a 'favor,' John McClane was the damn Easter Bunny...
Reeling (PG) John/Matt Pre-Slash: John McClane can be overwhelming, but everyone has to learn that for himself.
Aftershocks (PG-13) John/Matt Slash. Living on his own again was harder than Matt expected.
Some Kind Of Miracle (PG) John/Matt Slash. It was the 4th of July weekend, and John had vacation on his mind.
Drive (PG) (Gen or Pre-Slash) - On the way to something big...
Blue (PG) (Pre-slash) - Nameless longs are no less painful.
Radiant Heat (PG) (Slash or pre-Slash Drabble) - John is a terrible patient.
Worthwhile Compromises (PG) (Slash) - Opposites attract, and negotiations are never-ending.

Iron Man:
The Properties Of Delayed Combustion (R) Tony/Rhodey Slash: Even now, Tony Stark always manages to keep Rhodey off-balance.
Aligning Chemistry (A Tony/Rhodey Slash Series):
Revived, Rebuilt, Reborn (PG-13) Everything Tony Stark has never been becomes possible with a new beginning.

The Intersection Of Points R And T (R) A broken plane and disconnected friendship send Rhodey in search of new answers.

The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination (R) How can Tony be sure of something he's never had before?

The Dynamics Of Danger And Dedication (PG-13) Of flying suits, new enemies, and new adventures...

The Principle Of Parabolic Persuasion (PG-13) (Tony/Rhodey Slash, Standalone or coda to series above): Sometimes, the world can wait...
Shopping For Spiderman's Son (PG-13) (Tony/Rhodey Slash, Standalone or in series above): Tony and Rhodey find themselves in utterly unknown territory. For schmoop_bingo
The Mystery Of Magnetic Attraction (PG-13) (Tony/Rhodey Slash, college-era AU standalone): Tony Stark was the smartest, cockiest guy Jim Rhodes had ever met…
A Visit To The Wayback, Payback Machine (Tony/Rhodey Slash): Tony was late, as usual, and just like always, it was driving Rhodey nuts.
The Corollary Of Concomitant Inspiration (PG-13) (Tony/Rhodey Slash): The robot either had decaying algorithms, or it was making a suggestion.
Natural Affinity (PG) (Tony/Rhodey Slash, College era): How could you not notice Tony Stark?
  • Gen
    Stranded (Tony, Crack, Ficlet, PG) - The robots are plotting...
    Betrayed (Tony, Obadiah, Angst, PG) - There weren't many people Tony trusted...
    When The Dust Settled (Tony, Yinsen, Rhodey, Angst, PG) - In the cave, Tony was focused on his plan. There was no time to give in to doubt.
    The Tautology Of Tangential Transformation (PG) - After Afghanistan, it wasn't just Stark Industries' identity that began changing.

    When The World Fell In (Raylan/Boyd, PG, Pre-Series Drabble) - Raylan never wanted to be a miner.
    Something Like Lightning (Raylan/Boyd, PG, Pre-Series) - In Harlan, nighttime changed everything.
    Steal Your Breath Away (Raylan/Boyd, PG-13, Drabble) - Just for tonight...
    Finally Found Something Real (Raylan/Boyd, R) - There were things Boyd Crowder was not prepared to admit.
    When Blood Runs Black As Coal (Raylan/Boyd, Zombie-AU, PG-13) - There's trouble in Harlan County but surprisingly not of the criminal kind.
    All Roads Lead To Harlan (Rachel, Raylan, PG-13) - This is one place Rachel will never fit in.
    Tin Star Salvation (S1 Gen, PG) - By all accounts, Boyd should have been dead.
    Running From Thunder (Pre-Series Gen, PG) - Raylan and Boyd started out more similar than not.

    Always The Bartender, Never The Bride (PG-13) Chuck/Casey Slash: Early S1, is Casey jealous of Chuck or is it something more?
    Reverse Surveillance Chuck/Casey (Slashy, PG): Chuck knows Casey watches him, but what if it isn't always just part of the job?
    Casey And The Compulsive Talker (Chuck/Casey Slash, PG-13) - Stuck in the camera van on stakeout, Casey finds a new way to shut Chuck up.
    Casey And The Costly Consequences (S1, Chuck/Casey, Humor, PG) - Casey is not a good loser.
    Chuck Vs. The Perfect Possibility (S1, Chuck, PG) - Some things are always just out of reach.
    Chuck Vs. The Special Delivery (Chuck, Big Mike, Morgan, Casey, Gen, Humor, PG) - It's not Christmas, it's not Chuck's birthday… and it's not even fun.
    Big Mike Vs. The Seasonal Celebration (Big Mike, Casey, Chuck, Lester, Jeff, Gen, PG) - Wanting to kill your Secret Santa recipient does not demonstrate holiday spirit.
    Morgan Vs. The Buddy-Night Buzzkill (Morgan, Chuck, Casey, PG) - (S1) There are certain things Morgan just doesn't understand.
    In A Heartbeat (Daniel Shaw, PG, Drama) - Things were finally starting to go right again for Shaw. It didn't last.
    Digital Manipulation (S1, Chuck/Casey, PG-13) - Nothing escapes Casey's notice...

    White Collar:
    Of His Own Making (early S2 Neal Angst, PG) - Kate is gone, and there are no second chances left.
    A Conspiracy Of Comfort (early S2, Mozzie & Neal, PG) - If friendship is an art, then Mozzie is its Michelangelo...
    Chasing Lost Dreams - (S1, Neal, Gen, PG)) Kate was still the compass that dictated Neal's path.
    Mayhem Is Absolutely A Plan (Neal, Mozzie, Peter, Humor, PG)- The dynamic duo is at it again...
    By The Book (Peter, Gen, PG)- Peter could have written a book on Neal Caffrey.
    Summoning The Christmas Spirit (PG) - (A White Collar/Burn Notice Crossover retelling of The Christmas Carol) The night was long, but far from silent...
    Conversations In The Surveillance Van (Peter, Neal, Humor, PG) - It's a restless world inside the surveillance van, at least when Neal's involved.
    Most Days Are Better Before They Actually Happen (Jones, Neal, PG, Humor) - Bad days happen, but the really bad ones just don't seem to stop.
    It Wasn't Actually A Compliment (Peter, Neal, Humor, G) - One man's fashion is another man's albatross.
    Easy-Money Mirage (Mozzie, Neal, Barry Burkowski (from Burn Notice), Humor, PG) - Mozzie hated New York winters.
    All For You (Peter, Mozzie, Neal, PG) - Enemies, co-conspirators, friends of friends… sometimes, the lines got blurred.
    More From The Marvelous Mozziepedia (Peter, Mozzie, Neal, PG) - Once again, Peter turns to Mozzie for help.
    A Soft Place To Land (Mozzie, Neal, PG) - Interlude between 2x09 ("Point Blank") and 2x10 ("Burke's Seven"). True friends are always there to help.
    The Finer Things (Peter, Neal, G, Drabble) - Neal's tastes run to caviar and champagne.
    Looking Up (Neal, Mozzie, June, G) - A bad day doesn't have to stay that way. (schmoop for run_the_con)
    All Through The Night (Peter, Neal, G) - It's the little things that matter. (schmoop for run_the_con)
    Off The Map (Peter, Neal, G) - A detour from an officially-sanctioned escape. (for run_the_con)
    Parlor Games (Neal, Mozzie, G)) - There are some shoes nobody wants to fill.
    Rolling With The Tide (Neal, Mozzie, June, PG) - Neal's plans take an abrupt turn for shore. (for runthecon)
    Bon Appétit (Neal, Mozzie, PG) - You can always do things the normal way, but where's the fun in that?

    Burn Notice:
    Loose Connections (Michael, Sam, Fiona, Gen, PG) - A friend of a friend is still a stranger in the end...
    Stray Bullets And Fortunate Circumstances (Sam, Lincoln Burrows, PG) - H/C Xover for a meme: Neither was a stranger to intrigue or gunfire, but this time it was just coincidence.
    Schemes, Scams, And Schoolboy Loyalties (Sam, Michael, Gen banterfic, PG) - Friends stick by you in the bad times, even if it's just to make fun of it all later.
    Imperfect Calibrations (Michael/Fi, PG)- It always ends in separation, but it always starts up all over again.
    Another Man's Castle (Sam, Michael, PG, early S4) - Sam raises some obvious questions about Michael's living arrangements.
    Volatile Chemistry (Fi, Michael, PG)- Michael was the most frustrating man Fi had ever known.
    Break Out The Ammo And The Eggnog (Sam, Michael, Fi, Gen, PG) - It's not your typical Christmas celebration, but it's close enough.
    Summoning The Christmas Spirit (Xover with White Collar, Sam, Michael, Madeline, Fi, PG) - A White Collar/Burn Notice retelling of the Christmas Carol.
    Empty Opportunity (Michael, early S1, PG) - This didn't feel like freedom…
    Covert Conspiracies (Michael, early S1, PG) - It's one thing to suspect, but still another to actually know.
    Casual Catastrophes (PG, Humor) - a couple of guys who pull off major operations, a little downtime ought to be a piece of cake. Right?
    Why Not Romance? (Sam, PG, Drabble) - Hey, a guy can dream...
    The Con Man's Cocktail (Michael, PG, Drabble) - Conning criminals never gets old.
    Just This Once (Michael, Sam, Fiona, PG-13) - Beware of Greeks bearing job offers. (for yuletide)

    Alpha Males And Also-Rans (Xover with Walter, House, John McClane, Slightly Slashy Crack, PG) - A doctor, a cop and a mad scientist meet up in a bar...
    Bigger Than A Breadbox (Walter, Peter, Gen, PG) - A new package arrives for Walter.
    Once, All Of This Was New (Walter, Peter, PG) - When Walter was young, the future held so much promise…
    Mechanical Munity (Walter, Peter, Humor, PG) - Nobody is immune to having 'one of those days.'
    Uncaged (Peter/Fauxlivia, Peter/Olivia, PG) - (S3) Peter fell in love with the wrong Olivia…
    Unblinking (Olivia/Lincoln, PG, Season 4 Drabble) - For the Fringe Division, new possibilities always exist.
    Singularity (Walter, Peter, S3-finale Drabble) - It was the most desperate choice of all.
    Terminus (Walter, S4 Pre-Series Drabble) - Tragedy lies in the space between science and magic.

    Amateurs Everywhere You Go (PG-13 Crossover with Supernatural): Dean, Sam, an auxiliary Sam, and a really lousy weapon...
    Dancing To The Devil's Tune (PG) for yuletide: Just another exciting day of being the Devil's little bounty-hunting puppet...
    Diabolical Conversations (PG, Reaper/SPN Crosover) - Azazel and The Devil commiserate over their respective Sams.

    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Haunted (PG) (Derek, Cameron, Gen/Het Drabble) - When Derek looks at her, he sees a ghost...
    The Ghost In The Machine (Derek/Cameron, Het, PG-13 - Companion piece to above): A lifetime ago, she and Derek used to be something more.
    An Abstraction Of Regret (Cameron, Gen, PG) - John Connor was bleeding...
    The World Is Burning (Sarah, Ellison, Gen, PG, Post-S2 Finale): So much has been invested in a future she'll never see…
    But For This Anchor (Sarah/Ellison, light Het, PG-13, Post-S2 Finale): In the end, Sarah told Ellison everything.
    Enigmatic Loyalties (Jesse, PG, late S2 drabble) - Motives are always colored by context.
    Unmaking A Monster (John Henry, Savannah, PG, late S2) - Only Catherine Weaver knew that John Henry was not Cromartie.
    Now Scattered To the Winds (John Connor, PG-13, late S2) - John Connor never expected to meet his future quite so soon.
    Bereft (John Connor, PG) - 50-word fic on lose the battle, win the war.
    In Uncharted Territory (Sarah, PG) - It is a war she alone believes in.

    Lack Of Information: Crackfic
    Chicks Rule, Boys Drool: Humor— Season 5 from Chloe's POV.
    A Sequence Of Hours: Drama— a trilogy for the prompts of Amnesia, Evil Twin, and No-One Ever Really Dies.
    Too Stubborn To Quit Or Die (Mid S2) It had been the worst day of Jack's life, until now...

    House, M.D.:
    Is That An Intubator In Your Pocket? (PG-13): House/Wilson, Humor (Double Entendre, Euphemisms challenge for 60_minute_fics
    Never Trust The Man With The Cane (PG): House and Wilson humor drabble.
    Haunted House (PG): House and Wilson humor, exactly as the title says.
    A Dish Best Served Cold (House, Wilson, Gen, PG) - At first, Wilson thought he was imagining it…
    In Ur Universe, Drivin' U Nuts (House/SPN Xover, House vs. Sam, PG) - House finds someone new to pester…
    C'mon, How Bad Could It Be? (House/SPN Xover, House vs. Dean, PG-13, sequel to above) - Dean does not need reminders from his baby brother on how to deal with difficult people.
    Carpe Caveat (House/Wilson pre-slash, PG) - Wilson seizes an opportunity before he even realizes what he's doing.
    Brewing Up Trouble (House, Wilson, PG) - Roomates, rogues… rivals.

    Star Trek:
    Manners Are For Mortals (PG): Reluctant-Picard/Q silliness for summercon
    InQsitiveness (PG): More Picard/Q, as Picard's Risa vacation keeps getting more interesting all the time.

    Pushing Daisies - New Seasons To Call Home Again (Chuck, Gen, G): Life changes, not always for the better, but there are comforts still to be found.
    Pushing Daisies - Emerson Cod's Entirely Acceptable Christmas (Emerson, Ned, Chuck, Olive, Gen) - The knitting detective is a rib-stitch man in a cable-knit world, and yet the trials of friendship are less of a burden than he believes. (for yuletide)
    The True Meaning Of Smekday - Even Fugitives Have To Stop And Catch Their Breath (Tip, J Lo, Pig, Gen): J Lo encounters pickles for the first time (for fox1013's Gen Fic Battle).
    Stories Of The Smekland Peoples: Smekdays Of Old (PG) - A story for J Lo the Boov while Tip is busy.
    Kingdom Of Heaven - Of Desert Desires And Lost Oases (Balian/Nasir Imad One-sided Slash, PG): Lying under the stars each night, Balian was plagued by questions without answers…
    The Hurt Locker - Lethal Games (Sanborn, James, Gen, PG-13) - It's too hard to watch this, but he can't turn away…
    The Hurt Locker - Another Lifetime Gone (Sanborn, OFC, Gen, PG-13) - It was summer when Sanborn got the news about Will James.
    Fringe/House/Die Hard 4 - Alpha Males And Also-Rans (Walter, House, John McClane, Slightly Slashy Crack, PG) - A doctor, a cop and a mad scientist meet up in a bar...
    Glee - Get Offa My Cloud (Sue, Gen, PG) - Another day, another would-be victim trying to throw herself under a bus…
    Winnie The Pooh (Crack): Pooh And The Poltergeist (G) - Exactly what it sounds like...
    Lawrence Of Arabia Slash: Beneath The Stars (PG) - Aurens was Arabia's brightest star...
    Harvard/MIT Slash: Scandal On Brookline Street (PG-13) - Prestige alone cannot conquer the beast that is envy.
    Cities Anthropomorphic: Cafe du Monde - It's a small world after all.
    To Live And Die In L.A. Slash: Hothead (Chance/Masters, NC-17) - Richard Chance was as impulsive as his name...
    Luther, BBC TV: Each The Other Man (PG)- John loved Zoe first and Mark loved her last, and only the two of them really knew what the other had lost.
    New Amsterdam - In Infinite Regress (PG) - With immortality comes an endless cycle of loss.
    Dexter: Someday, The Future (PG, S5) - Lumen thought she'd find light outside the darkness, but only finds shades of grey.
    A Day Made Of Glass: In Endless Pursuit (PG) - There are no secrets in the world of glass.
    A Day Made Of Glass: The Walls Are Watching (PG) - No matter where Rebecca went, there was always the unsettling feeling of being noticed.
    Original Fiction - Listening For The Moon (PG) - It was better she didn't know…
    Raising Hope: Crush Capitulation (Sabrina, Drabble) - Sabrina's changed. Maybe Jimmy has too.
    The Dark Knight Rises: Cry Havoc (Bane, Thalia, PG, Drabble) - Gotham was not their first playground.
    Sleepy Hollow: A Feast Fit For A Crane (Ichabod, Abbie, Gen) - The definition of 'food' may have changed over the centuries while Ichabod slept.
    BBC Sherlock: Gone Awry (Sherlock, John, S3) - This was not according to plan.
    The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock: Siren Songs From Untraveled Seas - And indeed there will be time...

    Drabbles Memes, Stories I Never Wrote You
    "Unwritten Story" Ficlets #1 (Prison Break and Supernatural): Gen, Slash, Crack and more...
    "Unwritten Story" Ficlets #2 (Supernatural, Prison Break, 24, Law & Order, Reaper, Pushing Daisies, My Name Is Earl, Pirates Of The Carribean, Arrested Development, House, Millenium, Dead Like Me)
    Multifandom Drabble Meme: Sam/Dean Slash, Millenium/John Doe Xover, House/24 Xover, John Doe, Prison Break, and super-secret J2
    Multifandom Drabble Meme #2: Sam/Dean Slash and Gen, Prison Break Slash, J-Squared Slash, X-files, The Shield, and "24."
    42-word ficlets - Chuck, Burn Notice, The Hunger Games, Dexter, The Avengers (TV).
    50-word ficlets - Terminator: SCC, Smallville, Silence Of The Lambs, Chuck.

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