The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Saturday Randomness

So, I didn't get my Fanfic Friday up yesterday (but maybe today, as "virtual" Friday). I didn't finish anything NEW last night (and was too tired to muster the energy for the 60_minute_fics challenge, though I liked the prompts, so I might do a latent one.

My birthday is coming up on Thursday *big puppy eyes for fics from f-list folks and drive-bys*. We're hoping to get me a new bike, though we couldn't get a babysitter today to shop for one. My current bike (a gift from my uncle, so I've been riding it into the ground) has reached the point where it's nearly impossible to keep the gears all working (!), and it gets either "Ooh-- a classic" or "Why do you ride this ancient piece of crap?" from people at the bike stores. The new bike must have a shorter handlebar-to-seat distance (I have long legs, but a short torso, so you can see the problem already), and a triple gear cluster. Double will not do!

Tackled the spiders in front of the house with the shop vac. In Sacramento, unlike Oregon or Illinois, we have a TON of spiders and they include this prevalent type that resembles a daddy-long-legs spider and spins froth instead of nice, geometric webs. This sounds like a theme for a bad Country Western song:

       "My porch webs are made by incompetent spiderrrrs..."

I've re-posted a bunch of stuff (and some new stuff) over at again, and the audience response there is really underwhelming as a whole. Some lovely people DO comment (at least one is also over here on livejournal), but primarily not a lot of commenting. Prison Break Gen (and slash, to some degree) doesn't seem to impress that audience much (they may be MarySue 'shippers for the most part). And Prison Break angst has very little interest. Poor Westmoreland-- his story has few readers and no reviews. Same for the Michael "Falling Away" fic. Tragedy, I tell you. The Supernatural response is better, but still... almost more trouble than it's worth. There also seems to be a fairly small number of readers who understand what "Crackfic" is-- most of them expect humor, and then it's... "Huh. That's bizarre." ;)

Other news: For Prison Break folks, we're winding up pbfic_exchange2, since I can't wait any longer for that final fic to come through (it's been a month already). SO, please go over and make your guesses as to who wrote what (Reveal on Monday!!!), and if you are anyone OTHER than jewels667, lissa_bear, mooyoo, jeyhawk, or clex_monkie89 and you wrote a story.... please email me with what it was, at halfshellvenus @ livejournal dot com. Also, please be thinking about your request prompt for the next round (since I personally was lame about this, and signed up without providing my request last time!)
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