The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Fic pages, Crack, and the Oregon Trail

Thought I was going to do some writing yesterday, but I made two banners for my fic pages instead. Quite the challenge, since I have crappy tools and no experience, BUT... I've split my fics off into a main access page and four sub-pages now (been meaning to do this for about 6 months now). Still need banners for the Prison Break ones (and maybe a better SPN Slash banner), and I might ask some folks on the f-list for help with that. katipl made me some gorgeous Prison Break award banners, and the "Gen Fiction" one tempts me. Little problem with the LJ Scrapbook function right now, though (I've filed a bug report).

My husband bought the kids the "Oregon Trail v.5" video game. My daughter screeched in frustration all Saturday morning (this is the 9-year-old, and apparently throwing a fit is the only response to being frustrated. Reading the manual and "help" info is not). My son (who is 7) got immediately hooked, and has made steady progress. Saturday afternoon he came to tell me that all his people had frozen to death in the Winter, and when I checked in on him 15 minutes later he was busy buying winter coats and scarves at a store along the way. Sunday he told me that "David" (one of his game children) keeps dying, even though it's a different David every time. Christopher has relentlessly hunted meat, slaughtered draft animals, and looked for edible plants for David, and still David dies. Sunday night, he wrote "David" in the bathroom mirror steam, and when my husband looked at it funny I said "David is Christopher's doomed child." That got a bigger funny look.

The thing about kids is, half the stuff they say or do is absolutely random and bizarre if you have no context for it. And even if you do, it's often still pretty weird.

If you haven't read the second SPN Pirate CrackFic... what are you waiting for? You're killing me here!

And speaking of crack... we rented Hoodwinked (mainly because Patrick Warburton is one of the voices, and the man is hilarious). That is one funny-weird cracked-out movie. The singing goat is the best part, IMO, but the whole thing is random and worth seeing. :)
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