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Prison Break Slash Fanfiction


These are the Lincoln/Michael slash stories. (Yes, I know they’re brothers… and no, I normally wouldn’t be writing brothercest. That said, if it’s not your thing then please stick to the General Fiction section.)

I have this Slash pairing for fanfic100. My table is here. My essay for ship_manifesto is here.

"Paradise" Universe arc:
  • Where It All Began (PG-13)
  • -- Michael wondered if he even existed anymore when Lincoln was gone.
  • What Michael Wanted (PG-13)
  • -- There were always other possibilities, but never any so compelling.
  • The Arrangement (Series— Complete)(R)
  • -- It all starts when Michael needs some protection inside the pen.
  • Always (Series— WIP) (R-NC17)
  • -- The aftermath of "The Arrangement," dealing with the brothers and their attempts to escape from Fox River Prison.
    Chapter 1: The Next Phase
    Chapter 2: Discovery
    Chapter 3: Wisdom
    Chapter 4: Nightmare Made Flesh
    Chapter 5: Reprieve
    Chapter 6: Contemplation
    Chapter 7: Radio Silence

  • Strange Bedfellows (PG-13)
  • - Arrangement-series interlude where Abruzzi is always watching...
  • Crossing The Border (R)
  • - The journey together begins.
  • Paradise (NC-17)
  • - Stealing bliss and hoping to keep it.
  • Like Silk And Satin (NC-17)
  • - Soaring, plotless sensuality.
  • A Sense of Adventure (PG)
  • -- Short and sweet, PWP.
  • Serenity and Shadows (PG)
  • - Unhurried reflection.
  • Darkness Falling~~ An arc interlude of romance and angst.
    Darkness Falling (PG) - How much can be certain or lasting?
    Keeping His Distance (PG) - Michael cannot outrun the clouds gathering over the relationship he has with Lincoln.
    No Soft Tomorrow (PG-13) - This was not the day Lincoln expected to have.
    Waiting For Yes (PG) - Lincoln struggles to make himself heard.

  • What's Mine is Yours (NC-17, PWP)
  • - Things heat up in the kitchen...
  • Solace (PG)
  • - Lincoln's thoughts on the bond he and Michael share.
  • Clothes Make The Man (NC-17, PWP)
  • - Michael in a certain sweater completely sets Lincoln off.
  • On Silver Sand (NC-17)
  • - Moonlight, sand, and sensual delight.
  • In This Ever After (PG-13)
  • - There are no fairytales that unfold toward this ending...
  • Packaged To Perfection (NC-17)
  • - Michael's birthday, and what Lincoln's willing to do for it.
  • Animal Attraction (R)
  • - PWP interlude, featuring scents and sensations.
  • A Place To Rest (PG-13)
  • - Schmoop and quiet happiness.
  • Beyond This Fading Existence (PG-13)
  • - Michael lights a long-forgotten fire inside Lincoln.
  • In The Secret Summer Shade (R)
  • - A sexy interlude in a semi-private place.
  • With The Beauty Of Ordinary Things (PG-13) - When it's Lincoln, everything is different…
  • Palm Trees And Peppermint Promises (PG) - Michael plans the perfect first Christmas for Lincoln in their new home, but reality isn't paying attention.
  • The Lonely Tide (PG) - They can't go back.

    "The Shape of Freedom" Universe: Alternate Post-Escape series, beginning with escape by train when everything falls apart.
    The Shape of Freedom (PG)- Pre-slash, Alternative escape story.
    Sacrifices (PG) - Pre-slash. Lincoln's eyes witness every sacrifice Michael has made (same as the Gen story)
    Far From The Journey's End (R) - Lincoln and Michael's relationship takes on new developments on the journey south.
    Riding Out The Storm (R) - While stopping for a sudden downpour, Lincoln and Michael find a way to pass the time.
    A New Beginning (R) - Spending the night by a river, where the shift from past to future takes hold.

    "Icicle Palace" Universe: A pre-season setting with dysfunctional passion and desperation.
    Icicle Palace (R) - Taboos and secrets that mean absolutely everything.
    Need Like Burning (Interlude) - There's never enough time when it's like this...
    Racing For The Edge (PG-13) (Interlude) - It was never going to last, but God, while it did...
    Warmth In Winter (PG-13) - Escaping together, if only for awhile.

    "Our Dreams Unbound" Universe: A pre-series universe set during Lincoln's earlier return from Fox River prison.
    Our Dreams Unbound (R) Lincoln finally comes home again, but will he stay?
    Hope Aloft On The Wind (PG) (Interlude) - Post-prison, Lincoln searches for a sense of who he is.
    Locking The World Away (PG-13) (Interlude) - On the best days, Lincoln is already waiting for him...
    Elusive Autumn (PG) - In Illinois, autumn is fleeting.

    Pre-Series Standalones:
  • Mistletoe(PG)
  • -- A seasonal offering.
  • Twist (PG-13)
  • -- "Truth or Dare?", and Lincoln was the kind of guy who always chose "Dare"...
  • Stung (PG-13)
  • -- Sequel to "Twist" above, from Michael's POV.
  • Awakenings (PG-13)
  • -- Michael sees Lincoln through new eyes.
  • Enthralled (PG)
  • -- It was a weapon no-one could see...
  • Nothing To Hold Onto (PG-13)
  • -- Pre-series one-sided slash: Lincoln's smile had always meant far too much.
  • Unfulfilled Dreams (NC-17)
  • -- Michael/OMC. When we can't have what we want, we take what we can get.
  • Impaired Judgment (NC-17)
  • -- Laid low by liquor...
  • Bound By Love (R, Dark, Underage Warning)
  • -- Dark assy!Lincoln manipulates Michael into becoming what he wants.
  • Payback (NC-17)
  • -- Dominant!Michael as requested...
  • Fighting The Current (PG-13)
  • -- Michael can't escape his love for Lincoln, nor the way it holds him captive.
  • The Language Of Cranes (PG-13)
  • -- The sound where two brothers love beyond boundaries is an untranslatable secret.
  • The Best Intentions (PG-13)
  • -- Lincoln struggles to end something he never should have let begin.
  • To Ease The Pain (PG-13)
  • -- Michael doesn't realize what he wants from Lincoln until the chance for it is gone.
  • Brighter Even Than The Sun (PG-13)
  • -- Teenaged Michael notices Lincoln in ways he can't stop thinking about.
  • Of The Less Familiar Species (PG-13)
  • -- Michael never understood girls, not really.
  • Hands-On Exhibits (PG-13)
  • - Michael, Lincoln, and a museum.
  • Heroes At Last Of Our Own Legends (PG)
  • - Failed hopes have never kept Michael from dreaming his own version of the future.
  • In Quiet Dissolution (PG)
  • -- Lincoln is home again...
  • A Lust For Danger (R)
  • - It might have started as a game, but neither of them realized how far it would go…
  • With Careless Abandon (PG-13, One-sided Michael/Lincoln Lincoln/Veronica)
  • (Pre-Series) - Veronica wasn't the first, but she seemed to be the one who was always there.
  • Across A Crowded Room (R)
  • -- Sometimes Lincoln and Michael would meet up at a bar across town. Sometimes, Lincoln pretended to be late…
  • Celestial Certainties (PG, one-sided)
  • - Maybe it wasn't the wandering but the act of returning that kept drawing Michael back.
  • None So Blind (PG)
  • - Someone might be getting used, but which of them is it?
  • Kitchen Kink (PG-13, Crack)
  • - Food—it's the anti-porn...
  • The Blackest Heart (PG-13, one-sided)
  • - There were things Lincoln wasn't supposed to see…
  • Revealed (PG, one-sided) - The truth will always find you.
  • Useless To Deny It (PG-13) - There is no way for Michael to hide this from himself.
  • Anything (PG-13, one-sided) - There are no limits to what Michael would do for Lincoln. There never were.

    Imprisoned (Fox River Standalones):
  • Rescue And Revelations (R)
  • -- Lincoln steps in for Michael, and gets more than he bargained for.

    Post-Escape Standalones:
  • An Oasis Of Being (NC-17)
  • -- (S2) Too much waiting and temptation on the road (car porn).
  • Night Vision (PG-13)
  • -- Drabble Poem: lovers' interlude, established relationship.
  • Someone Else's (PG-13)
  • -- (S2 spoilers) Michael one-sided: Sometimes he feels like his whole life with Lincoln has been spent waiting.
  • Diamonds In The Dark
  • -- (S2) Lincoln finally sees the reason behind Michael's choices.
  • Listening With The Heart (PG-13)
  • -- (S2) After escaping from Fox River, Lincoln learns who to be with Michael in a future of their own making.
  • And This You Owe Me (PG-13)
  • -- (Somewhat dark) How could Lincoln know it was even possible for Michael to rescue him, or all that his brother would come to demand in return?

    Other Prison Break Slash:
  • A Distant Mirage (Michael/Mahone, NC-17)
  • -- (Angst) Michael is the dream Alex can't stop chasing, even when he's not sure it's actually real.
  • By Different Rules (Michael/Sucre, PG-13)
  • (S1) -- It has nothing to do with Maricruz...

    Prison Break Gen Fiction

    Supernatural Gen Fiction     Supernatural Slash Fiction

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