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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Fan Fic Fridays

There are 3 tasks involved to playing along.
**Post your responses in your journal and this will spread**

1. What is your fic of the moment? - (Writers and readers--Tell us what you are writing/reading at the moment.)
I wrote Supernatural Sam/Dean Crack PirateFic!. Yes, CRACK. Why aren't more people on my flist reading it? I'm looking at you, fiddleyoumust, lissa_bear, clex_monkie89(who hasn't read anything in like, forever), mooyoo (you could use some crack right now, after the way things have been going), certainthings (Go Smidge!), liberateourtime, whosjeebus. C.R.A.C.K. With pirates. And parrots. And ghouls and ghosties. Why do you resist? ;)

I finally finished Pamala's humor thingy last week, and between that the pirateFics I am kind of dead. But... I have more work to do on "Always," an upcoming SPN drabble, some SPN Halloween fics (yeah-- not even started yet), and the T-Bag 5-ways thingy that hasn't budged in weeks.

2. Fan fic rec's ( EVERYONE )-- Read something lately that needs pimping? Old? New? Anything?This is the time and place! If we all rec just one fic a week each it will go a long way.

Several really good Supernatural fics this last week or so:

Pick Up The Phone (Gen) by embroiderama. Sam at college. Angsty and perfect, and the characterization is so well balanced between the brothers.

Dealing With Life The Winchester Way (Gen) by clex_monkie89. Perfect, haunting sequence of how it goes for Sam and Dean after "In My Time Of Dying" (Ep. 2.01)

Talisman (Gen) by missyjack. Post Devil's Trap and including Ep 2.01, this is Sam searching for Dean's amulet while Dean lies in a coma in that hospital bed. Lovely approach to the whole idea, and some wonderful details that reflect underlying meaning.

Atmosphere (5 Times Dean Doesn't Kiss SAm) (Gen) by nixwilliams. All five are really good (and truly Gen), showing so many aspects of the brothers' relationship over time. The last one is perfect and heartbreaking.

Under a sky that is grey on sand that is grey by an ocean that is grey (Wincest, PG-13) by typicrobots. This long title is for the theme that comes due in the end, and the quiet, haunting beauty of this story are not to be missed. Quite a punch at the end.

And for Prison Break: Coiling Wind (Gen) by mooyoo. A really nice at the brothers, and at long-term penalities to short-term solutions.

3. Read/Comment and review.-- A reminder to us all to do some reading and commenting in the next couple of days.We can and will make each other better writers by interacting with one another on our fan fic endeavors more often.

Ahem... pbfic_exchange2 is getting really, really close to having that final story put up (I swear it!). We need readers to review on what's already been written if they haven't already, and everyone PLEASE be thinking about how we want to handle the wrap on this-- Guessing discussion? We'll definitely do a Reveal. And I want to start up the next challenge as soon as this one's wrapped up, since we're overdue. Thanks. :)
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