The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Supernatural Gen "Hearing" Drabbles: In Translation

Title: In Translation
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam, Dean, John (Gen, Angst)
Rating: PG
Summary 3x100 drabbles on “Hearing” for supernatural100.


Commitment (Sam)
When he said he wanted a normal life, his family heard houses and holidays and Pop Warner football.

All that would be nice—but only window dressing on a life spent chasing all the wrong things.

What Sam’s really saying isn’t encompassed in a mortgage or a calendar of school activities.

Stop hunting is what he means. Commit to the simplicity of living, not the lure of darkness and unending chances to die.

His family hears apple-pie boredom. But what Sam’s asking for is a life that’s more than just looking to find the thing that will finally kill them.

In Translation (Dean)
The world belonged to him once, before it ended in flames.

He’s lived in this new world more than twenty years now, this world where he listens but is no longer heard.

He watches, learns before he needs to. How to take care of Sammy and Dad… how to already know things with the smallest chance of being wrong. He is afraid to disappoint... afraid to someday lose his right to a second chance.

Do you need me? is the question every selfless act hopes to answer.

Do you love me? is the deeper translation of what it really means.

Voices (John)
He hears things in his dreams, things that sound like Mary or like much-needed answers. Mary’s voice brings such happiness, unless she’s screaming. Those times, he wakes with her terror in his heart.

Any answers that come are too vague to discern when he’s conscious. Almost-maybe, if-and-then are simply colors that linger without clarity.

He hears things in his dreams that sound like destruction. He’s learned to discard them when the imminent end is his own. But when the anguish is his sons’, he cannot remain casual. He memorizes contexts, desperate to recognize the clues should they ever become real.

------- fin --------
Tags: drabbles, sn_gen

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