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Hello, pipples!

Hey, if you've been on my friends' list the last year or longer, you've probably seen me post stories and other entries related to LJ Idol.

Idol (aka therealljidol) is an online writing contest that comes around every year or so. When it does, many people (some of whom are me) decide to join in and give themselves over to the death spiral creative whirlwind that results, and ride it to the unknowable end.

It's a rush and an obsession like no other, and the hardest part (except for the writing!) is agonizing over the impending week in which you will finally be eliminated. (Or not, as the case may be).

WELL! Something different is happening over the next 5-7 weeks. There is a mini-season of Idol with no eliminations! You write for the weekly prompts, if you can, and enjoy a stress-free opportunity to participate in all of the reading and commenting and community chit-chat that make Idol so special. Such a deal!

This mini-season is over at Dreamwidth, with the first community playground post here and more recent days afterward. The first prompt post is up (due Monday), and there are FAQs in the comm there if you need more information. You can do any kind of entry you want-- fiction, non-fiction, poetry, music, etc. Go nuts!

Hope to see you there, and ideally I'll finish writing my own first entry in the next few days. Plz join me!! \o/

Tags: idol, pimpity, psa of dooom, writing

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