The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Now, With Less Eye-Bulging

Boy, late-night television is its own weirdness. Especially the medical ads! \o?

And speaking of weirdness, HalfshellHusband was in the shower yesterday with his Spotify music cranked up, and his playlist included (God help me) the Bob Dylan version of 'Tambourine Man.' Because apparently, the world is comming to an end! /o\

I wonder about him, sometimes. He's the only person I know who listens to the Beatles' rendition of "Miss Lizzie" by choice. That song's signature guitar lick alone is homicide-inducing. :O

The weather here has been a mixed bag since the last time I posted. We had some really hot days, as expected, but we also had a long stretch of morning high clouds/smoke that kept the temperatures down for hours. That was great—I got a lot more outdoor biking in than I'd hoped. The smoke occasionally boxed us in for a few days, though nothing like what the people closer to the fires are going through. And we even had some cooler temperatures (low-to-mid 80s) last week, which was wonderful. I can never tell when it's becoming Fall here, but based on the epic increase in bike-path squirrels lurking in the shade and then running out in front of my tires... I'd say the animals think it's started.

As a side-effect of more biking, though, it appears that my left cycling shoe is really trying to hurt me. Or it's a side-effect from our July vacation, where I went out for several 4- to 5-mile walks after doing NO walking since May (thank you once again, scorching summer temperatures!), because that's when my foot started hurting. \o?

The pain is all centered around the big toe—the base of the nail hurts on top, and the metatarsal joint at the bottom of that toe also hurts. Aside from several other possibilities (which I will ignore for now, since they relate to arthritis, bunions, etc., and are long-term issues that are harder to treat)... it seems as if my left biking shoe pushes on those areas. I don't have any expandable shoe lasts, so I shove an empty OTC medicine bottle down in there to stretch the shoe when I'm not riding. As you do...

Seems a little better? I also have the option of wearing an older and roomier bike shoe on that foot. I'd have mismatched shoes, but I'm totally the kind of person who would chose problem-solving over style. And I have. Duct tape is my sordid, secret love. ;)

I keep meaning to post more often, but now I'm out of time again. So many rambles, but so few of them captured into blog entries for sharing. :(

Tags: cycling, hsh, me, omg the weather, random

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