The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Meanwhile, in the blast furnace...

We had a few days of reprieve before the next Doom Cycle begins. And by 'reprieve,' I mean 92-96o days instead of 99o-plus.

I got out for a nice ride last Thursday—it was only 80o by the time I finished. Right now, I'm lucky if that's the starting temperature! Friday was a rest day after 9 days of biking in a row, because I was just too tired, though the overcast skies made me kind of regret not going—for the first 3-4 hours, anyway. Then the smell of smoke rose up (yikes) and hung around the rest of the day.

I biked in the garage Saturday, and also unexpectedly on Sunday. Last week, I was super-tired every morning, and it took me forever to wake up enough to get ready on Sunday. I was also suffering from an intermittent medical condition that we refer to in our house by its technical term, which is, "feeling 'swimmy' between the ears." Ugh. I sunblocked and everything, but when I went outside, it was already 90o (about an hour early). I seriously considered biking outside anyway, but decided not to because of that lingering disequilibrium, so I biked in the garage again instead. :(

Mondays are tough in the summer, because I have a weekly meeting that lasts until noon. But I checked the upcoming forecast, and today's high of 95o was the 'coolest' day for the next week, so I went out riding at the same starting temperature of 90o I'd passed up yesterday. BUT, no dizziness, so it was more workable. The ride wasn't too bad, and I finished at 93o (the hottest end-of-ride temperature this year) without having to creep through the last few miles, so... \o?

I would have liked a little more water, though, and I'm finally ready to move that rear bottle cage from my old bike onto my new one. That will let me carry 2 bottles to drink and 1 to "wear" instead of just having 1.5 bottles to drink and 1/2 a bottle to wear. These are 20 oz. bottles, too!

For garage biking, I'm almost finished with Castle, Season 2. That is, I've seen the S2 finale, but now I'm picking up the episodes I inadvertantly skipped by misnavigating the earlier disks. I only ever watched the 3 episodes that came up on each disk's initial menu display—I didn't realize there were two more episodes hiding via a "Next" button. I've got a few spares to pick up from S1, too. :O

I don't think I mentioned how sorry I was to finish Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles back in late June. I really, really liked that series, and it was just opening up into newer and more fascinating possibilities when it got cancelled. :( I also loved the haunting, melancholy quality it had, which was so unexpected in a Sci-Fi series, but was perfect for those larger questions about whether "humanity" is simply something that you are/aren't, or whether it's something that you might hope to achieve. *Sigh*

Next up after Castle: probably a rewatch of Six Feet Under? Unless I can get the Netflix download-and-stream app to work on my laptop. Streaming right off the network is still a no-go, the Wifi signal just isn't strong enough. :(

Well, now that I've blathered on about heat and biking and TV forever, I'm off to bed. Geez, look at the time!

Tags: cycling, me, omg the weather, random, tv

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