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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Rises up from the Tar Pits...

I guess I hadn't realized quite how burned-out I was from the combination of my stressful work project and the last phases of Survivor Idol, not to mention the isolating effects of the pandemic. It's been a struggle to do much of anything, including posting to my journal and catching up on my friends-list, making phone calls and writing/answering emails, and taking care of 'paperwork' for various household issues. Plus finishing the sewing pile and some reorganization projects...

So much Blah, and so little that brings me anything like joy. I feel like I've been hanging on by my fingernails since last Fall, and even with something closer to normalcy on the horizon, it's too late. I ran out of "cope" months ago, and I don't know if it's coming back. :(

So, what HAVE I been doing in the last month? Well, I got my second COVID shot (the Pfizer vaccine). It made me pretty sick for about 24 hours, but I felt almost 100% again after that—except for having a really sore arm for almost a week. Our daughter visited for the first time since Thanksgiving, which was wonderful! She's doing well, and is working at her summer internship after finishing her first year of law school. She also has a boyfriend—her first—and we're thrilled that someone she likes has noticed how special she is. Her previous romantic experience from junior-high onward was pretty much the same as mine, and we'd really hoped it wouldn't be...

The weekend after that was Mother's Day, where I made it out for a walk with our son (not even a hike, as it was too hot), and worked on our taxes all weekend. E-filed the federal return, and drove to the main post office to mail the state return around 10 p.m. on the last possible day. Ugh. Although I was not alone... :O

I've been doing a lot of yard work, cleaning up weeds and trying to get things planted before the Season O' Scorch settles in. Final planting was last weekend (temps of 100, 105, and 100), i.e., later than I would have liked. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I've bicycled a lot, sometimes in the garage when it's been too windy or too hot (which has been often). I think the season for the peppery smell and the cottonwood fluff on the bike path has come and gone. I haven't seen much new and interesting wildlife lately, except for a tiny egret (about 1/6th the size of an adult, which made it automatically cute) and the lump that refused to get off the pavement when I tried to shoo it and which turned out to be a small tortoise. \o?

We've been catching up on TV shows, and lamenting the effects of the last year. Many shows seem excessively "woke" (too much all at once, and if only they'd been farther along the spectrum to begin with), making it appear that they're all trying to tell the same story. Both The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam have become more like soap operas than dramas, which, hey—there are bunches of medical soap operas we're already not watching, because we don't like the genre! We're irked at the sudden shift in Bloom's character on New Amsterdam (in the world of the male gaze, all kinds of women seem to be randomly bisexual, whereas men never are). It doesn't feel as if the justification has been established, and rewatching House with The Boy, I can't help thinking about where things will go on that show and how much of a jolt that will be for him. The writing just doesn't support it. Also on New Amsterdam, Max seems to have become obnoxiously manic, and he's vying with Helen's niece for "most deserving of a smackdown."

I've finished a bunch of books lately, too: Real Life and Memorial (which have overlapping themes and which show how much alcoholic parents can screw their children up), Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man (recommended), Piranesi, Leave The World Behind (which aborts rather than finishes), and now, Neuromancer. Lots more to go after that!

I hope you've all been having a good Spring, and have been able to get vaccinated if you're eligible. I'm looking forward to being able to leave the prison of this house behind soon...

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