The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's in the bag!

Or in the arm, to be precise, and who knew that second COVID dose from Pfizer would be so punishing? :O

I got my second shot midday yesterday, and about 12 hours later, my arm was really sore—just like before. But this time, it hurt SO much that I couldn't sleep on that side at all. I was awake most of the night with a headache and a super-painful back, and alternately sweating and freezing. I took Advil before bed, and again in the middle of the night, but I'm not sure it helped much? The alarm went off around 9:30, and after being up for about 20 minutes, I decided I needed to go back to bed. Dozed until 1pm, still sore, cold, and sweating. I got up for real then, and checked to see whether it was okay to take MORE Advil (because it helps with pain, but it also lowers fevers, and those fevers are an important part of the immune process). The CDC website said yes, so I took FOUR. Feeling slightly less achy, but not great.

Argh. Our daughter is coming for a brief visit this weekend (as in late tonight), and I don't want to be too sick to enjoy it.

In other, overdue news, I won Survivor Idol! What a thrill, after the longest finale ever! First, the final 3 people had to write an entry per day. Then one of the players dropped out, and at Day 15 we went to 2 entries per day. A new twist loomed at Day 20 (which might have been 3 entries per day), but fortunately, we didn't get that far—flipflop_diva and I mutually agreed to be finished with that phase after Day 17. All of that writing was a HUGE challenge, and also fairly exhausting. Then we started the final Tribal Council, with opening and closing statements and questions from any contestants who chose to ask them. That lasted another 15 days, and then we went to final voting and Gary announced the winner three days later on a super-close vote. \o/

It was a tremendously grueling experience (especially for a mini-season!), but I played with such a wonderful and talented group of people, and I had an amazing final opponent in flipflop_diva. What a ride! And the reunion party is still going on. :O I'm finding it awesome, though!

I finally got the code in for the work project that was eating my life in parallel to that whole Idol season, so I took a couple of vacation days to make up for working on my days off, and mainly spent them in the yard. Digging, planting (mostly RE-planting, to replace the things that died off over a year ago), and mostly trying to get as much done as I could before we entered the season of Eternal Scorch and my time ran out. It was super-hot that weekend, and last weekend. In fact, I see that I was only able to bike outside twice last week (because of heat, wind, or both), and that I haven't yet made it outside this week! That was supposed to be today, but that COVID shot had other plans. :(

Also, counting the hours until I can take another mega-dose of Advil for aches and pains is one of my least-favorite activities ever. But it's here! *hits the bottle* *the other kind of bottle*

I hope you're all healthy and well and that most of you are in a climate where you can actually ENJOY spring! \o?

Tags: cycling, me, office, omg the weather, ow!, random, whoo!

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