The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

A new T.I.B. (time-in-bed) low...

Hoo, boy. Work is still going nuts. We're a week over our extended deadline, extension #2 ends tomorrow, and we've bought ourselves another 5 days beyond that. Basically, the code deliverable (which was complex) was tied to when management wanted it, not to how long it would take to actually finish it. \o?

There's also something in my part of the project that just isn't working the way it should, and has proved nearly impossible to debug. Yesterday, I uncovered a bug that has been in our code for 5-6 years and was definitely preventing my feature from getting off the ground. But fixing it didn't solve the whole issue, so I was up late working on THAT, and on finishing my opening statement for the final Idol:Survivor Tribal Council. I'd already delayed that statement for a day due to work overload, but I felt like another day would have been too much. So, I pushed through to complete it and post it.

I wound up going to bed at 5:00 am, nearly lapping HalfshellHusband on the far end (he wakes up anywhere between 4:30 and 6:00 most days). And then I got up at 9:30 am for a meeting. UGH. It makes the previous night's bedtime of 2:30 seem positively luxurious.

Now I'm back to flailing away at debugging my code. I SO WISH what a work colleague once called "percussive maintenance" could fix this issue, but there's nothing to smack. /o\

I was too busy to bike outside yesterday, but I did 40 minutes in the garage. Now that I've finished Elementary, S5 (and don't own S6 or S7), I had to start something new. I picked Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, since I bought the set years ago and hadn't watched it yet. I'd completely forgotten that Dean Winters was in the first season, though his hair is super short and is a crime against his hotness (so true for most men). I still love how many badass women there are in this show, though, and I'm regretting its cancellation all over again!

In book news, I finished Samantha Irby's Meaty, which was brash and funny and whose "My Mother, My Daughter" chapter was unexpectedly beautiful and heartbreaking. I read Chuck Wendig's Wanderers, which was really good, oddly prescient, and also depressing. \o? After that, I picked Mrs. Pollifax And The Hong Kong Buddha as an antidote. Then, because it was late at night and I was out of new books and the router was turned off, I looked through the free books on my Kindle and started E. Nesbit's The Book of Dragons. Those were unconnected original 'fairytales' about dragons, and honestly pretty good. The stories caused me to Google "Ice Peter" (a cautionary Victorian-era children's story), "dream lilies" (still no idea, that was a total failure on Google's part), and "acid drops." I knew the last one was some kind of candy, but even if it referred to citric acid (and it does), what a dreadful marketing-failure of a name! Those are sour, fruit-flavoried candies. Even "fruit drops" or "sour drops" sounds better, or at least, not toxic. Now, I'm reading Luster, and have already Googled "goblin prog" because anything with the word 'goblin' in it automatically intrigues me. Apparently, that "G" should be capitalized, as Goblin was the name of an Italian prog-rock group. \o?

All right, back to work and trying to answer questions from the Jury in Tribal Council! :O

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