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What a weekend/week :O

Wow. Writing a story every day for Idol—and then TWO stories a day—chewed up so much time and energy that I haven't had a chance to make a regular post for weeks. Or do much of anything except stress, write, and eat too much. /o\

I made it into the Final 2, though, so soon it will be up to the Jury to decide. No idea how that will go. Apparently, someone has been spreading false rumors about me, which is sad and disappointing. I don't know who it is, or why, or whether they even know the rumors are untrue. I thought people knew me well enough to have a clear sense of what kind of person I am, but maybe not. As I said, it's sad and hurtful and strange. I'm grateful for the friends I have though, including the one who made me aware that this was happening in the background. ♥

So, what else has been happening over the last almost 3 weeks now? Well... WAY too much work. We had a deadline that was supposed to finish tomorrow and realistically should be about 2 weeks from now, so I've been flailing away at that. I went to bed at 2:30 last night, but it was for work reasons instead of Idol reasons. It's actually 2:30 again right now. :O I also haven't done our taxes yet. The whole month of April caught me by surprise, just like every OTHER month since the pandemic started. BUT, HalfshellHusband is now fully vaccinated against COVID, and I have my first shot scheduled in 2 weeks. So that's good news.

The Sunday before last, HalfshellHusband stumbled and fell inside the house (that happens). It hurt so much, he wound up going to the ER to make sure it wasn't broken, and luckily it was not. But he came back with the news that, because they'd done a CT scan as well as x-rays, they'd discovered he broke his right hip at some point. He wondered when that might have been, and I think it was when he fell off his bike (blacked out, really) a couple of years ago and broke his wrist. He fell right on that hip, and it hurt like crazy. He kept telling the doctors that, but none of the x-rays they did showed anything:

HSH: My hip really, really hurts.
Doctors: It's a groin injury. There's nothing wrong with your hip.
... time passes...
HSH: My hip still really hurts. It's been two months now!
Doctors: It's a really BAD groin injury. \o?

BTW, that is the hip that, about 6 months later, went from moderately arthritic to OMG, you need a replacement now! So yeah, I'm thinking that's when he broke it.

Fortunately, nothing was broken this time around. He was told it was deep muscle bruise, and by the next day, it felt a whole lot better. He was able to go biking that Thursday, and everything feels fine now. With his history of injuries, it feels like a lucky escape.

In other news, one of the Idol stories I wrote recently was about HSH icing his knees after bike rides and playing with the cat while he did that. And the fact that the cat now keeps running off with his toy and yowling. Well, this last weekend, the cat did that yowling at the front door, which is new for him. I opened it, and there was a creature on the doormat (yikes), and the cat came in all proud of himself for being such a mighty hunter. I called our son down to witness the lizard/snake thing Kashka had caught, and then while our son was petting Kashka inside the house, I went out to rescue his "kill."

It WAS a lizard—no idea where it came from, I've never seen one in our yard or anyone else's, and it wasn't the kind you find on the bike path. I picked it up to move it someplace safe, and it thwapped a foot down on me that was—eww—sticky. So I gently lifted up the foot, and a second later he thwapped it back down again. Ick. But also interesting. The whole thing reminded me of some drunk codger in a Western saloon, slapping the person next to him on the leg and saying, "Well, podner!" Anyway, I moved the lizard to the brick ridge that goes around the house, and when I went to check on him later, he was slowing crawling away farther along, and all four limbs seemed to be working fine. Thank goodness.

And the other minor surprise, apart from that, is that when I went looking for the cat before going to bed last night, I discovered that he was already curled up and snoozing in the laundry room. He had put himself to bed! We have had this cat almost two years, and in all that time he has NEVER put himself to bed. He sometimes maurauds around and howls (instant bedtime), or goes off and hides in a dark room, or hangs out with me on the sofa (usually that). But heaven forbid he should sacrifice being draped over my shoulder and snuggled all the way to bed every night. It was such a shock. Every other cat we've had has put itself to bed at night when it's tired. Though of course, the cat is right here on the sofa next to me right now, waiting to be carried off to bed as usual. ;)

All right, now it's finally bedtime for ME! But I at least I finally managed an update. Toodles!

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