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Idol Survivor: "Letters From Next Week"

Letters From Next Week
idol survivor | daily-fic challenge, day 14 | ~500 words


Dear Stacy, I know how much you love those navy-blue dress pants, but listen up: DO NOT wear them to the Customer Focus Group meeting on Monday. I mean it. That zipper has had all it can take. It's standing on the ledge, and it’s going to jump. You really don’t want to find that out the hard way, trust me on this. And don’t park next to the pink Oldsmobile. That doesn’t end well either. Yours, Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, As tempting as it is to just “wing it” when dinnertime rolls around, you should really make an effort to go shopping this weekend and buy some real food. Those leftovers in the fridge will probably look fine, and they may even taste okay. But food poisoning is no joke. Yours, Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, Jack will tell you he’s sorry, like he always does, but that is a LIE. He didn’t forget to come over—he was busy doing somebody else. That cocktail waitress is just the one you happened to find out about. She wasn’t the first. Kick that asshole to the curb. You owe it to yourself. Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, So, still thinking you’ve figured out how to parallel park? You haven’t. No love, Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, I’m sorry about Lila. I really am. She might just be going through some stuff right now. Or maybe there were signs and you missed them—we missed them. I mean, we’ve never really been good at picking up on that kind of thing, have we? I don’t know why we’re so clueless about all that stuff. I wish we weren’t, and yeah, it really sucks. She might feel better in a few days or a few weeks, but she also might not. I wish I knew. And again, I’m sorry. I know it hurts. Love, Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, That cute new guy at the rock-climbing gym is married. Just saving you some time. Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, The weather forecast for Wednesday is an embarrassment to meteorologists everywhere. Bring an umbrella. Also, Larry from Accounting is selling raffle tickets for his daughter's school carnival, so maybe avoid the break room until later in the week. Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, The universe is full of mysteries, and Mom is one of them. Who knows why she does the things she does? And by that, I mean showing up at your apartment in the middle of the work week. If I were you, and I am, I’d pick the place up a little and maybe do some vacuuming. You have until Thursday. Yours, Future Stacy

Dear Stacy, This is very important, so pay attention: on Saturday, you will run into a man with blue sunglasses at the corner coffee shop. When he asks if you want to know the secrets of time, the correct answer is YES. You'll thank me later. Also, maybe rethink the ad proposal for the Burwick account? That really isn't your best work. Yours in new adventures, Future Stacy


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