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Idol Survivor: "The Werewolf Hour"

The Werewolf Hour
idol survivor | daily-fic challenge, day 13 | 634 words


Once upon a time—not actually that long ago, less than 3 years now—I could get in the shower and wash my hair and be done with the whole thing in 10 minutes.

Those were the days! Why didn't anyone tell me they'd be going away?

Now, I do have some sense of why things changed—the triggering event, at least. I had a hysterectomy in mid-2018, and at the suggestion of my mom, I decided to have my ovaries removed at the same time. My doctor warned me that it would trigger menopause, but I weighed that against the risk of ovarian cancer (which sometimes has no symptoms until it's too late), and the increased safety and peace of mind won out.

Plus, I had already started menopause a couple of years prior to that, and while the surgery could speed up the process…everything I'd read indicated that process of menopause was worse than the aftermath. God, the hot flashes alone—I would gladly avoid ever going through that again.

So. I was prepared for problems with weight gain (like that would be anything new), and dry skin, and osteoporosis, and possibly thinning hair. Not that you ever really could prepare for that, and I think it's much harder on women than men (who absolutely hate it, with good reason).

The reality was, I didn't see much change at all until 6 months later. That was when I started to shed. :O

At first, it was extra strands of hair falling out of my comb (and lying on the counter or the floor or my clothes). Then the problem spilled over into the shower, when I washed my hair—all the extra hair clinging to my arms and shoulders after rinsing out the shampoo, and sticking to my hand when I tried to rub in conditioner. There was so much of it that I took to scraping it off and parking it on the shower walls so I would know where it was, instead of letting it slip into the drain and clog it (or the pipes below it).

It takes me almost twice as long to wash my hair now, because of all of those extra "hair control" measures that keep everything I shed from blocking up the drain. And when I get out of the shower and comb out my hair, there are those extra strands that collect in the wide-toothed comb. Plus, I have to go back and collect all of the "wall" hair and drain hair, and put it in the waste-basket, which slows things down.

At first, I couldn't help panicking a little about the quantity of hair that was coming out, especially in the shower. I was washing my hair every two days, just as I had for years, but suddenly I was visibly losing 50+ strands every time. Some of them also appeared to have fallen out alongside two or three adjacent hairs, as well.

But the funny thing was that the overall hair on my head didn't look any thinner than before. It's been a couple of years now, and that's still true. It may be curlier and frizzier (like anyone ever needs that), but the amount still appears to be about the same.

And that seems odd. With all the extra I find here and there (and slipping down my bare arms, eww), that doesn't really make sense.

But I'll take it. I never expected to turn into the Shedmonster, and to have it be the Werewolf Hour in the shower every time I wash my hair. But as obnoxious and messy as all that is, maybe the extra time it takes counts as part of the ablutions required to appease the hair gods and keep them from demanding a greater sacrifice.


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