The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


We had an impressive storm here this afternoon—thunder, lightning, rain, and a lot of hail. Big-ass hail!

I've heard people talk about huge hailstones, but in all the places I've lived, the size only ranges from "rock salt" to "pea." Today was the largest I've ever seen—it was marble-sized!

The cat was unsettled by all of that racket, and decided to run around and howl (because that's fun for everyone), and then watch the storm through a window for awhile. I miss the house in Portland where I lived as a kid. It had two stories, and on the top story, there was an enormous half-circle window in the eating area next to the kitchen. That was the perfect place for watching storms, up above the forest level and with all of this big, open sky stretching out on both sides and running all the way to Vancouver. \o/

A couple of hours after the storm peaked, there was still some rain and hail going for awhile. My home office is in a corner room, and it's on the other side of a wall from a drainpipe. That gets noisy during storms, but today it was all,

BUM-BADA-BUM-bum-BUM-bum-BUM-bum! BUM-bada-bada-bada-BUM-bum-BUM-bum!

I felt like I was back at Disneyland, on my way to the Jungle Cruise or Tarzan's Treehouse or the Indiana Jones ride, just strolling through Adventureland and enjoying the escapism. That's certainly where I would rather have been, especially when yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of being sent home to work remotely. Boy, it's sure been a long year... :O

Tags: my_cats, omg the weather, our animals make me nuts, whoo!

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