The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Weekends that were...

First, a couple of things I forgot to mention from President's Day weekend. :)

On Valentine's Day, we ordered dinner from a local Thai restaurant via UberEats. We'd never tried their food before, and I couldn't specify my default spiciness ("on the mild side of medium") via their App interface, so when The Boy chose "Thai spicy" for himself, I felt brave and went with "medium" for my red Thai curry. Oh, lord... The flavor was mostly fabulous, but the spicing really hurt the back of my throat. Fortunately, we had milk in the house, so I sipped that after every mouthful. Still painful, but I kind of enjoyed the meal? I ate about half, and left the rest for The Boy to have for leftovers later. \o?

Also, after the one outdoor bike ride I managed that weekend... I caught and freed a hummingbird in the garage! One of the ancient window blinds there has a large hole in it, and the poor bird was fluttering up and down against the glass wondering why it couldn't get out. I was afraid it would exhaust itself before nightfall, so I put my hands in the gap and eventually trapped it very gently and took it outside to the front yard. Then I slowly opened my hands so it could fly away, and off it went. A once in a lifetime experience!

This last weekend mostly involved some relaxation, a good 3 1/2 hours of yardwork, and attempting to square away more boxes of random stuff... which resulted in more half-finished projects around the house. It's a wonder HalfshellHusband hasn't murdered me in my sleep. \o?

Though to be fair, HSH was the one responsible for creating the boxes o' random—some dating back 10-11 years ago. I don't recommend doing that in general, but especially not if your main organizer has ADHD. Out of sight is out of mind—anything in those boxes might as well be on another planet. Years later, you might vaguely remember you once owned something like whatever was hidden in that forgotten box. \o? And if those boxes are discovered again in the distant future, the mixture of unrelated things will make the ADHD person struggle even harder to figure out how to deal with them!

Don't try this at home, folks. :O

Now it's coming up on a new weekend again, and I spent the entire day inside the house writing this week's Idol entry after a break to get a haircut (the last one was in October, so it had been awhile). By the time my entry was finished, there wasn't enough daylight to go out for a bike ride, which was disappointing. It was windy on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it'll probably be windy again tomorrow, so despite sunny skies and gorgeous temperatures, it has not been a great week for riding! :(

Tags: cycling, fambly, hsh, me, nature is evil, omg the weather, random

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