The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


Remember the elbow I chipped and/or broke by cracking it against the bathroom wall while trying to get dressed 3 weeks ago?

That thing is still causing me grief. About 10 days ago, it kept me awake for a couple of nights because I just couldn't find a position in bed where nothing was touching it. Last week, and again last night, it woke me up because I did something that shifted that bone chip (or nub, or whatever) and it felt like I was scraping the joint against a nasty metal grater. Ow! Just when it seemed to be getting better, too.

Last night, all I did was bend the joint too much—that stretching of the skin across the joint hurts like crazy. On the one hand, it seemed like the chip was starting to bind to the bone again (probably not fully aligned, but oh well). But with those pain episodes, it also seemed like I somehow reset any healing back to zero. Ugh. I Googled elbow damage recently, and it looks as if chipping or cracking the bottom is what experts consider a broken elbow to be. So knowing that, will I now consult a doctor about getting an x-ray? Ahahahahaha! No. I'm not about to risk someone sticking a cast on it and making my life even more difficult. :O

In earworming news... A week ago, HalfshellHusband joked about blasting Ride Of The Valkyries from his phone while biking around the neighborhood. Then later, he played it over the speakers in his office (to cement the humor, I guess), so we wound up talking about it again at dinner.

Which naturally led to a discussion about the Looney Tunes classic, What's Opera, Doc? We played some of it on YouTube, which was probably a mistake, but I'd already remembered enough of it beforehand to doom myself with it.

So yes, a week later, I am still cursed with having snippets of The Ring Cycle in my head. But what's worse is that it isn't even the orchestral highlights. It's the version that goes,

Oh Bwunhiwda, you are so wuvwy, oh Bwunhiwda, you are so wuvwy, be-e my wuuuuv!

Please send help. :O

Tags: hsh, me, ow!, random

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