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Yargh, what a week...

After that lovely false Spring around Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, Winter returned again—with a vengeance. There was a freeze warning on Monday night, but very little talk about the windstorm that started late on Tuesday, which was by FAR the more serious of two events.

I was up late Tuesday night (as usual), and the winds were unsettling—so strong, they sometimes shook the house. This is where you hope nothing breaks loose and crashes through the roof. :O We lost power several times after 9pm, and then by midnight it was out for good. I lit candles so I could see better, and finally went to bed around 1:30, hoping things would get fixed during the night.

They did not. It was so cold, it was hard to sleep. I'm an electric blanket and heating pad kind of person—without them, I'd be awake all winter long, much like I was on Tuesday night. :(

We spent most of the next day shivering as the house's temperature dropped, and hoping the power would be back on before night time, when it would get much colder. We use gas heat, but the furnace needs electricity to run. We haven't had firewood in more than 10 years, because the air quality here is almost always too poor to light fires in the winter, and that one measly Presto log in the garage was not going to do us much good. Meanwhile, the neighbor over the back fence was running his generator! NOBODY has a generator in the city—the power is rarely out for more than a few hours, and since we don't get our electricity from PG & E, we don't have to worry about their "pre-emptive power shutoffs" that can last for days.

Cellular service was also out most of the day, so I couldn't let my office know why I was offline, and we couldn't monitor updates on the power situation. The electricity finally went back on just before 4pm (so, some 16 hours later). By then, the house was 55o, so we were really grateful to have the heat restored! My B-I-L (two miles away) had power in the morning, but other people some two miles North of us were still waiting after 48 hours. All told, our municipal electricity company started working on repairs the night of the storm, and went non-stop for several days afterward. Trees fell over and knocked lines down (and obstructed streets), branches pulled wires loose, and the wind pulled out wires and also knocked out a bunch of transformers all over the city. More than 150,000 people were without power for some part of those couple of days, which has never happened in the 30 years I've lived here.

I think of people who live in tornado- or hurricane-prone places, and they have it so much worse. With 65-70mph peak winds, this storm just touched the bottom of the hurricane-level storm scale. OTOH, we're far enough inland that we normally don't get winds anywhere near that strong.

We were pretty lucky—there are twigs and small branches all over the yard, but no major limbs and none of the trees fell over. We do have some sort of mystery blob in the front yard, wedged up against the hedge, but it's probably cardboard. Other houses lost bigger branches, a tree blocked a street half a mile away (so big, it took six hours to cut it up and remove it), and a few people had trees that fell through parts of their roofs.

It put me behind schedule for the week, too. I outlined an Idol idea on Tuesday (when we got the new prompt). Then I started writing it longhand on Wednesday, and ugh. Writing is so much slower than typing, and it's hard to maintain focus. Also, my scrawl...gets looser and sloppier with each passing year. :( Anyway, the entry is done now, and there's a link to the poll at the bottom where you can vote! \o?

And office-wise, I had a nice, prioritized to-do list ready for Wednesday morning, and couldn't get to anything before 4:15pm. So I've continued to do smatterings of it after hours and into the weekend. Including now... :( Maybe this is why weekends rarely feel like weekends anymore?

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