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Fan Fic Fridays!

Just made it, at 1 minute to midnight PST...

Fan Fic Fridays are forparticipating in and including in your own journal.

1. What is your fic of the moment? - (Writers)
2. Fan fic recs--- Read something lately that needs pimping? Old? New? Anything?
3. Read/Comment and review.-- For the love of writers everywhere, please comment and review.


Here we go:

1. What Am I Working On?
This is relatively unchanged from last week, due to random plotbunnies (damn that summercon community. Though it was fun...) I did post a new chapter of "Always" (Yay!) and am still writing more. Still need to write pamalax's humor prompt (it was a good one. I may have misdirected the humor muse onto a Picard/Q piece this week). Still working on a T-Bag "5-Things" fic (shhh!), some Supernatural drabbles, and some 1-sentence things. As of now, I FINISHED dragontatt's Prison Break birthday fic, and have the first draft (might be done) of jetpants' SPN birthday fic! All is well, for the next day or so.

2. Fan Fic Recs
Prison Break:
Diversion Tactics (T-Bag/Veronica kind of) over at pbfic_exchange2. This one is so good in so many different ways that I'm almost stymied for comments. Great character voices, plus it's funny.
Us And Them (Only Ordinary Men) is a 1fandom (1-sentence stories) fic by alazysod. So many different characters/scenarios, and she brings them out really well-- often without naming the characters (you can easily tell who they are).
Life Among The Dead (Wincest, rated R/NC-17) by destina is an incredible unfolding of temptation and avoidance. The story is captivating, and the drawing out of the forward/back yes/no between Sam and Dean is just masterfully done.
If It Isn't Love (Wincest, Adult) by poisontaster is gorgeous broken pain-- an AU future for Sam and Dean. Emotional, full of "almost-maybe-why?" and so heartbreakingly good.

3. Read, Comment and Review
Another nag about reading and commenting on the fics at pbfic_exchange2. We have two new ones, and only 1 more to go before the Guess-off and Reveal. So please do your part with the reading and commenting (and yes, I'm making my own way through the list. Plus, see the above...)
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