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LJ Idol Season 11 Stories

LJ Idol Season 11

Original Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
0** Introduction Who, Now?
1 Resolution New Religion
2** Living rent-free in your head The Forgotten Promise
3 Everything looks like a nail Hammer Time
6** Solvitur ambulando Here Comes Trouble
7** Where I'm From On The Other Side
8** My True North The Journey Of A Lifetime
10** Open Topic A Nose For Numbers
11, #2** And The Creek Don't Rise Brook
13 Fan Death The Hand You're Dealt
15 Busman's Holiday On The Open Road
16 The Streisand Effect Home Sweet Home
17 Negative Reverse Excellent Teamwork
18 The Glass Cliff A Yuletide Tale
19** I Can't Get Calm Things In The Dark
20** Boondoggle At All Expense
21 The Way Back Adrift
22** Hiraeth A Sea Of Frozen Land
23** I'm the Usain Bolt of running from my problems To Love With The Heart Of A Child
24 If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn To Find The Hero Within
25** The Catbird's Seat The Power Of Cross-Species Friendship
26 Open Topic Child Of Mine

Non-Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
4 Impossible Unlike Any Dream
5 My enemies are all too familiar. They're the ones who used
to call me friend.
WHAT Is That On Your Plate?
7** Feckless Howdy!
11, #1 Wild Goose Chase For The Birds

My own favorites among these are marked with '**'.

A good mix of drama, humor, and crack this season, I think!

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