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LJ Idol Literary Prize-Fight Stories

LJ Idol Literary Prize-Fight

(hosted at Dreamwidth)

Original Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
1 It's hard to beat a person who never gives up Aw, Not This Guy Again!
2 My Mount Rushmore Dreaming Big
3 Tsundoku Family Secrets
4** Ghosting Employee Loyalty
5 Kayfabe One Hell Of A Disguise
7 Steadfast Pinky-Swear Loyalty
10 Nadir The Coda
11 Long-distance dedication The Intermediary
12** MacGuffin What In The World
13** Enjoy Every Sandwich Excitement, Adventure, And Really Wild Things
15 Periphery A Fresh Perspective
16** Inkling Secret Arts
17, #1 Salad Days Chef Pierre
17, #2** Vigilance The Waiting Sky
17, #3** Fatberg Strange Excavations
17, #4 My Happy Place Time Travel
17, #5 Being a writer is like having homework every night
for the rest of your life
Behind The Curtain
18 Keep It Safe Grelz
19** Rancor Inner Truth
20 Nostos Homecoming
21** OK Annie
22** On The Job On The Job
Open Topic Before It Bleeds You Dry

My own favorites among these are marked with '**'.

What a season! I finished as co-winner with the wonderful me_sonrei!

Tags: fic_page, my_fic, original_fiction, real lj idol

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