The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Argh, back at work...

The winter break is always too short, and it was less satisfying than usual with our daughter not coming home this year. I wound up going to bed even later than usual each night, and then bemoaning the sun going down so early each day. So much for my plan to reset my internal clock over those two weeks off. :O

Got a few of my home cleanup/maintenance projects done, but not all of them. In true "me" style, a half-completed one is still blocking part of the living room floor right now. I was close to finishing it, but I had to change gears and focus on my Idol entry, which wriggled out from under a couple of approaches and finally settled into something workable that I could only bring forth at the speed of "slog." I think the final product is good, though. It's here, with a link to the poll at the bottom where you can read and vote for your favorite entries. \o/

This conversation happened at our house last week, at least from my perspective:

HalfshellHusband: The prodigal son returns in January.
Me: Is this some kind of political reference? Are you talking about Biden's inauguration?
HSH: No, the TV show.
Me: What?
HSH: You know... It's um... 'Whacky Daddy'!
Me: OH! Ohhhhh...

The actual name of that TV show, "Prodigal Son" never sticks with me. We always refer to it as "Whacky Daddy," for the serial-killer father played by Michael Sheen. I mean, that's also our favorite part of the show. :O

Speaking of Sheen, we also started watching Good Omens a few days ago, in which he goes to the opposite extreme and plays an angel. Oh, that show is fun. And you have to love Crowley (played by David Tennant as some sort of aging, semi-loopy 60s rock star). Crowley is wonderfully dry as a not-especially-evil demon, and he so much less competent at everything than he seems to think. :D

So, is the New Year treating you well so far? I think it's too early to tell around here...

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