The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Must remember... stop putting so much ice in my water bottle when I go out biking. It's winter for crying out loud. At these temps, that bottle is self-refrigerating. *brutal brain freeze* :O

On Sunday's ride, my stomach started feeling a little upset, and that lasted clear through last night. I was pretty tired yesterday and this morning too, but better by later this afternoon. For the last couple of weeks, I've felt off and on like I've been fighting off an impending cold, but taking bunches of "magic green pills" (ecchinacea/goldenseal combo) has beaten it back. I think? I had trouble over the weekend with being too cold to sleep, which might have been a fever. \o?

I'm hoping it's all over and done with for good now. :O

I ran errands yesterday afternoon, and while I didn't find any good Xmas lights on sale, I did get half-price chocolate oranges (HSH and The Boy love them as much as I do). Most importantly, I went to Big 5 and got replacement tennis shoes! I was about to do that in March, but then everything shut down. It's always an ordeal, mainly because the store's shoe area is understaffed, so I never go on weekends or after working hours. I missed my chance right before Thanksgiving, but finally remembered this week. I don't love these new shoes, but the previous pair was coming apart, so I guess I can live with them...

Today, I got out the new cat-toy-on-a-stick I bought at Rite-Aid last week. Our little beast has been destroying its predecessor for months now--it's his favorite toy, to the point where we have to hide it in the cupboard between play sessions. He still knows where it is, though, and sometimes tries to sneak it out of there. But he finally ripped it to shreds and killed it, so we needed a replacement while I tried to fix the original.

I got the first twist-tie off of the new toy and was starting on the second when the cat zoomed over from across the house. It was like he knew. Boy, was he glad to see that thing. He is obsessive about playtime, and before HalfshellHusband broke his leg he would "mouse" the cat in the kitchen after bike rides while he iced his knees. He had the cat trained to wait until the ice packs were on, and to know that once the 20-minute timer went off, playtime was over. Because otherwise, this cat is NEVER DONE.

It'd been three months since there was major "mousing," so after I started using the new toy today, I realized about 15 minutes later that I would also have to set a timer, or the cat would never be ready to quit. Gah. While I set the timer, and then paused later to untangle the toy, the cat howled like there might never be playtime again! Good grief. And after the timer went off, he howled some more and tried to get on the table to look for the toy. Clearly, retraining is in order. :O

Meanwhile, tonight's project: the destroyed mouse was covered in a loose, coarse fabric the cat really liked (for the optimal fanging experience, I guess), and we didn't have anything like that around the house I could use for repairs. BUT... I remembered that we had some sort of Christmas gift-card holder in burlap I'd saved from a few years before, and that would probably work:

Gift-card bag          Dead toy mouse                     Deadest part of dead toy mouse. :O

So I tied the existing fabric over the exposed stuffing as best I could, and then used half of the little gift bag to patch the mouse. It won't last forever, but I'm hoping it will hold for awhile:

Yeah. Tada? \o?

ETA: Ooh, it looks like the repaired toy meets with Kashka's approval, so I call it a win!

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