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Apparently, TODAY is the last day to vote for this week's Idol Survivor entries! I don't know whether the deadline got moved or what, but in any case, my story is here, with a link to the poll at the bottom so you can vote for all the entries you enjoy!

Our family watched Rare Exports via Hulu yesterday, on a friend's recommendation. It's a Finnish movie that is half horror and half cracktastic. For awhile, I boggled over why one of the actors reminded me so much of the guy in Deadwind that looks like a bear. Then I finally had to run the answer down via The Google to see for myself, and yes... it's because they're the same actor, Tommi Korpela. \o?

"Deadwind" is the Netflix police procedural that we refer to as the "New Finns," because we also watch another Netflix Finnish police procedural called Bordertown which started earlier and is obviously the "Old Finns" show. Who knew there was such interest in Finnish crime shows?

We also watched the last episode of Dark on Netflix, which was very satisfying and bittersweet. A good show overall. As was Almost Human, which we finished on Amazon earlier this week, and I'm still peeved that show didn't get renewed while Fox had the chance. Idjits!

Okay, it looks like it's time to get ready to go biking. It has been either fairly cold (<50o with a bitter wind) or rainy here much of the last week, so I haven't been getting outside much. It's 52o right now, which is not great, but I'd better make the most of it. :O

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