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The Grind, It Resumes...

I didn't get much done on my week off (especially with having to log back into work to fix problems with my code on a couple of occasions). But it was nice to be mostly schedule-free. Our daughter arrived early Wednesday morning. We didn't see much of her while she was here (she spent a LOT of time studying for law school finals, one of which she took this morning before driving back to San Diego), but it was still nice having her in the house.

Thanksgiving was extremely low-key. HalfshellHusband is still unable to stand on his injured leg for more than about 5-7 minutes at a time, so our daughter did a lot of the cooking. She made pumpkin pie, cornbread, and baked potatoes on Thursday, and HSH's brother had smoked a turkey for us, which I reheated. I made our usual side dish of green beans with balsamic vinaigrette. Since I haven't done much recipe-cooking in years (apart from baking), it was an opportunity to discover how woefully out-of-touch I am with what constitutes "medium" heat on our stove. It is not the medium dial-setting, nor even a litle lower than that. I actually burned quite a bit of the bacon (in pursuit of making it extra-crispy), and had to add in more bacon fat, balsamic vinegar, and water for the sauce, as it kept boiling away. /o\

All of that took most of the day, and what with COVID weirdness and such I completely forgot to call any of my family members and see what they were doing—including my mom, who turned out to be isolated at home while the other family members who live two hours away had silo-ized gatherings. One of my sisters usually hosts a large Thanksgiving, but she couldn't even have her daughters over. Each of them works at a different nursing-home facility with active COVID cases, and her husband is a doctor and is regularly exposed at work. Both she and her husband have had it already, but there have been few cases of people getting it a second time, and they're at risk for that or for being carriers. :(

I did do a fair amount of reading during the week off. I finished Eileen (which felt like it ended much too soon, so that was disappointing). I read Ballistic Kiss (another fun book in the Sandmand Slim series). I got through several back issues of WIRED and Outside, and even found myself looking up oil birds and whip spiders on the web, because of a story about an ancient cave in Ecuador that made both sound interesting. I survived about 5 minutes of those spiders, and then hit one-too-many photos of people letting them crawl on their skin, at which point the whole thing became self-skeeving and I had to bail. Still, as a life-long arachnophobe, that seems like progress compared to my childhood years. ;)

I also wrote a story for Idol during the break. We had an unexpectedly early reshuffling of the tribes, so now there are three instead of two. My new tribe is

If you're able, the poll is here with links to all the stories. Please vote for me and ALL of my teammates if you can!

And finally... I'm still monitoring the hours from one Advil dose to the next, for the soreness in my mouth. I've already gone through an entire small (about 1/2 cup) bottle of Advil pills—about as much as I usually take in a year! :O The pain is getting better, but I can sure tell when the Advil wears off. And boy, do I miss eating salad and carrots and apples and other crunchy things. :(

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