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20 September 2006 @ 10:19 pm
Celebrity Crush Meme  
Tagged by particlesofgale, and I'm going to do it her way-- without the photos. Because if you don't know who they are already, well-- that's what Google's for. ;)

[01] List your top ten celebrity crushes
[02] Put them all in the ORDER of your lust for them
[03] Say which movie/show it was that hooked you
[04] Supply photos for the said stars
[05] Tag five people!

Oh, my. Focus... focus....

10. Pierce Brosnan (of the past. TV: "Remington Steele")
9. George Clooney (does it matter?)
8. Jude Law ("The Talented Mr. Ripley")
7. Wentworth Miller (TV: "Prison Break")
6. Eric Bana ("Troy")
5. Tom Welling (TV: "Smallville")
4. Orlando Bloom (LotR movie series)
3. Dominic Purcell (TV: "John Doe")
2. Jensen Ackles (TV: "Supernatural")
1. Hugh Jackman (Someone Like You/X-Men)

I tag missyjack, wenchpixie, deirdre_c, pamalax, and bluesister. And the list is not allowed to look like Dominic, Dominic, Steven Colbert, Dominic, Wentworth, Dominic, Dominic. Just so you know. pamalax. ;)

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: DominicSexyhalfshellvenus on September 21st, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
Grin, I'm just thinking of him because Alexander Siddig played a minor character on one of the most recent Poirot episodes (he was hidden behind a butt ugly beard but I couldn't shake the feeling of "damn, I know him!").

That was me, watching "Kingdom of Heaven." I kept thinking, "I know this guy playing the Arab. God, those eyes. Wait! It's Siddig El Fadil! From DS9! Or... whatever he's calling himself these days."

Well, you could do multiple memes. "Crushes" and "Hotties," and note that your crushes have everything to do with charisma, cute or what-have-you.

I get really hung up on the character vs. actor thing, like you do. Dean Winchester? Pretty Hot. Jensen? Very pretty, but maybe kind of shy (which is hot to ME, but other people would find that odd).

The Good, The Bad and The Lanathelana on September 21st, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)
It's odd for me because one thing for example that happens rather frequently is that I find somebody very hot in one role and only so-so in most other things. On the other hand, there are actors I appreciate in every role (like let's say Patrick Stewart) but ti's really much more about respect than about hotness. Plus all the actors I find hot onscreen but I'm totally indifferent to them as people/actors.