The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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F-List Help

Thing the first: voting closes today (Tuesday) on the current poll for Idol: Survivor over at Dreamwidth. You can find all the stories here. All eliminations are team-based, so please vote for me and for ALL of my Asaga teammates if you can:

And if you aren't comfortable with that, then please read the entries and vote for the ones you like. Thank you!

Thing the second: urghh... A couple of weeks ago, I used Chrome to upload a bunch of hedgehog pix to my LJ scrapbook for Halloween (as you do), and then started to add them to a post. I got a random LJ query window asking if I would like to try the new entry style. Well, the answer as usual was, "HELL no!", so I declined. I went to my Firefox browser to post instead, like I always do. But the entry style (and home-page and every other interactive page) had changed over to the new style, and I can't get the old one back!

You have to understand, the older style I've been using is approximately the same as how LJ looked when I first joined in 2005. I've hated each of the subsequent changes over the years, for various reasons (hellurrrr, endless scroll!), so my look and feel have always been set to some legacy thing. But I can't find anything in the settings that will let me revert to what I had before. It's all giant fonts and giant pop-ups, and weirdness on the top banner. Do any of you know how to undo that changeover? It's probably something easier to find in the old style that is now hidden in the new style, like trying to make Windows 10 give you back the Windows XP Control Panel interface. :O

Randomly, most of those photos are the result of the time-sink that is Pinterest, because if there is a photo of hedgehogs playing dress-up, I am compelled to save it. Which of course leads to more suggested pictures of hedgehogs in clothes...

For better or worse, Pinterest does not judge you. It will never pop up a message along the lines of, "Damn, that is a LOT of Matthew Gray Gubler photos. You know he's married, right?" But it also doesn't help you curate your boards, as in, "That's the fourth time you've saved a picture of that hedgehog in the unicorn floatie! How many copies of that do you actually need?" \o?

Tags: f-list plea, help me obi-wan-kenobi, pimpity, random, why lj- why?

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