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Totes McVotes!

Today is the last day to vote in this week's Idol poll! rayaso is one of the current contestants, the Idol Top 5, where each writer has created a personal portfolio of three new entries, a champion entry, and a season-favorite entry. His stories are listed here, with links to the poll for voting and for all the authors' entries. All of the writers (and their champions!) put a lot of hard work into these portfolios and the poll closes at 6 p.m. US EDT, so please read and vote if you can! \o/

I'm feeling kind of... swimmy... between the ears today. My alarm clock dragged me out of the middle of a bad dream, after I might have woken up and then gone back to sleep about 15-30 minutes before it was time to get up? I've got that super-groggy slightly-dizzy/wobbly-ear-pressure thing going on, and all the coffee and Diet Coke I've drunk in the last 3 1/2 hours has hardly made a dent. I sounded like Rambly-McRamberson during my team's Zoom meeting an hour after getting up, and I'm still struggling to piece thoughts together for story comments (see above) and writing this post. Dear Head: WAKE UP!!! You are made of Fail today. Why can't I reboot you? :O

Annnnd I need to go bike in the garage before it gets any hotter. I made it out there around 1 p.m. yesterday, I think? It was 100o already then, with 20-mile-an-hour winds (which did not cool things down one bit). We gained a lot of unexpected cloud cover, which kept the high down to only (!) 104 yesterday and cooled things down slightly faster overnight than the last few days... but even by 2 a.m., it was still too hot to open any windows last night, so not cool enough.

BUT! I just checked the long-range weather forecast (which I've been afraid to do lately, as it got worse every time I looked). It appears we might have a high of ONLY 98 on Thursday? That would be SO much better than the previous forecast of 111. I hope it's true. It's still bad, but not quite as impossibly bad as 104-plus. \o?

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