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Voting on these week's round of Idol ends tomorrow. I'm out of it, but rayaso's still playing. His story is here, with a link to the poll and all other entries for voting. Please read and vote, if you can!

We're halfway through the current scorch-window here. It started last Friday, and is expected to run through Tuesday, when we might finally see a high of about 93o instead of 98 to 100-plus. SO sick of this heat, and we're only at the end of July. *sigh*

I have some links to share. The first is courtesy of tsuki_no_bara, and it's a collection of funny and sometimes no-holds-barred signs posted by shops and restaurants in response to COVID-19. One of my favorites there, apart from the Australian one, is the mouthy and attitudinal sign that ends with "drink responsibly"— like it's some kind of required disclaimer for any official business communication. \o?

I'm beyond frustrated with COVID deniers and people who protest wearing masks and social distancing. We will be stuck in this economic tailspin until the vast majority of our people start making serious efforts not to spread the virus, or until a vaccine is created (which could be more than a year off, and may be too late to help the resulting destruction of the economy). The decision to politicize that issue, on the part of the president and various conservative leaders, has proved disastrous. It will take a lot of effort and luck to bring adherents out of that mindset.

But the other problem is people who are science-deniers or simply scientifically ignorant. They don't think they need to wear masks (and shouldn't be required to) because they're "healthy." But being pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic looks and feels exactly the same as "healthy," and those who have been infected can spread it whether they're aware they've been exposed or not. That's a HUGE problem, especially with an incubation period that can extend up to 14 days.

So, please—wear a mask when you're out and around other people, and keep your distance. Your mask helps increase your chances of staying healthy, but it really really helps keep you from spreading the virus to other people—especially if you don't know you're infected. And if you think that's a hardship, well,

More linkage: while I was at boredpanda looking at that list above, I stumbled upon a selection of extremely highfalutin' chicken coops! I would love to have a little garden studio as fancy as many of these things, or as much fun as the crooked house or hollow-tree-house or police callbox. :D One of those designs looks extremely drafty, though, and while the UFO is awesome it is also small and flat and made of metal. I mean, was the goal to take an extreme shortcut on the route to 'dinner'? Because the UFO one is basically also a solar oven. o_O

In TV viewing, we finished watching all of Lucifer on Netflix, and are now eagerly awaiting the next season. \o/ We're still watching The Travelers (also Netflix) with the Boy, as well as True Detective, S3. True Detective is a great showcase for Mahershala Ali—what a role! Though we had to turn on closed-captioning in self-defense after episode 5, because the combination of Mahershala's soft-spokenness and the Southern-ish dialect made it impossible to follow some of the dialogue. And finally, HalfshellHusband and I are watching Luther, S5 on Amazone Prime (the Boy has already seen it). Episode 2 of THAT show has me cringing over what happens when television gives in to fan service. There were scenes of something that couldn't possibly have happened, and it was confusing— was it a dream? Was it wishful thinking on the part of the other character? And when it became clear that we were supposed to accept it as an actual part of canon, well, HELL no! The show has been very clearly on Luther's character, and exactly why he would never make that choice—and was never even y tempted to. And now this? Ugh. :(

Oh, yikes—it's late, and I have to read more of those Idol stories before heading to bed. Happy almost-Friday, everyone!

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