The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Can U 2 B Pregante?

This is courtesy of our son, who always finds the funniest things. Not new, but new to me! The dedication to reading what is actually written instead of what the brain normalizes it to is awesome:

In one of those, a couple of the misfires look like the work of autocorrect, and yet there's the utter failure of that one non-word. Unless it's like my phone, where sometimes I'll try to pick the auto-corrected word, and the phone's response is, "Thank you for pressing the 't' key! I will add it to your already incomprehensible typo!" \o?

This is in sharp contrast to the Google correction algorithms, where our son (again) once showed me that Google will recognize an inordinate number of typos as being a search-request for Benedict Cumberbatch. Try it! Of course, it was a lot more fun the first time, before someone put up a website dedicated to the man right on my favorite misdirect of 'Cucumber Bandersnatch.' :O

However, I see that thanks to other Googlers, 'Benevolent Cucumber' and 'Blueberry Cabbagepatch' still match (but not 'Blueberry Cabbage Patch', because there is actually a Cabbage Patch doll with that name). 'Arsenic Cucumber' didn't work, though. Apparently, there IS a little bit of arsenic in many vegetables. Because people want to know how much, it's a real question. :(

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