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Pimping on the run

The Idol poll is up for this week, with votes due by Thursday. rayaso is still playing-- his entry is here, with a link to the poll and all other entries at the bottom. Please read and vote if you can!

Our temperatures have dropped a little, and it's a huge relief. Friday through Sunday were near 100, and I got up so late on Sunday that I wound up biking in the garage. The rear tire on my trackstand bike developed a flat during that ride, which... ugh. I already fixed one earlier this year! HalfshellHusband wanted to know how that was even possible, since that bike never leaves the garage, but the rear mag wheel constantly presses up against the back tire, and that tire is pretty smooth now. That's also why this is my third trackstand unit. Just as the mag wheel wears on the tire, over time the tire wears a groove in the mag wheel, and then I have to buy a whole new unit. :(

I do have a spare tire, but I think the reason I've had it set aside for years now is because it also caused a slow leak on that bike when I still rode it outside. I'll clean the spider leavings off of it (Yick yick yick!), and I may enlist HSH's help in getting the flat tire off the bike's rear wheel. Then I'll take another couple of "thumb test" passes over the spare tire to see what might be stuck in it, and if I don't find anything then... yeah, ultimatelly, I'll probably line the inside with duct tape to keep anything invisible and pointy from puncturing the tube. That spare is also a 23" tire, and after several years of using those, I recently switched back to using 25" tires because I discovered that smaller size was why it was so ungodly hard to get tires on and off the wheel rims. I killed a lot of plastic tire irons along the way to realizing that. \o?

Yesterday's high was around 93, and today it was probably no more than 90? I had two unexpectedly pleasant outdoor bike rides both days. I couldn't get out to ride until around 1:30 both days (which is risky), but yesterday's breeze cooled things a little and today there was light cloud cover over most of my ride route (which drops the feeling of the temperature about 5-7 degrees). Hoping for good things tomorrow as well, since the high is expected to be around 90 then too.

Starting about Sunday, it'll go back up to the high 90s to low 100s for at least a week, which is what a lot of the last 3 or 4 weeks have been like. So for now, let me invoke the denial of that eventuality: La-la-la-la-la!

Tags: cycling, me, omg the weather, pimpity

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