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During one of my bicycle rides along the parkway last week, I startled a group of baby quail who took flight across the bike path right in front of me. I have never seen baby quail fly! Even the adults barely take to the air, opting instead for running, then running faster, and then flying only if they still haven't made it out of the way in time. These babies had the beginnings of striped feathers, and took off in a fixed formation from where they'd been standing, I guess. The radius of their bodies plus flapping wings was a little smaller than a baseball (and yes, you can see their wings the whole time. They're not especially good at flying). Such a surprise!

The weekend before that, someone retweeted pictures of this borb to my Twitter feed. I obsessed over this little guy for an entire day. How is it so fat and adorably cute? Why the emo mascara tears?

Meanwhile, something I've been doing—probably scrolling through Twitter and many, many work documents recently?—has caused me to develop carpal tunnel issues in my right hand. To go with the tennis elbow in my left arm. I was out riding my bike one day, and had to cut the ride short and use creative handlebar techniques to deal with the sudden increase of numbness and loss of grip-strength in my right hand. Yikes!

The next day was a rest day, followed by a day of riding in the garage due to the heat, which helped a little. But what really helped was cutting the remaining foam pipe-wrap cylinder from a previous home repair into pieces, and securing those pieces over strategic parts of my handlebars using rubber bands as "ties." \o?

So, my bike looks like rolling crap at the moment, but the problems in my hands aren't any worse...

I also added more of those foam cylinder pieces to the bike mounted on the garage trackstand, since that's where I've been riding the last 3 days. THIS HEAT!!! It's like a pocket of personal Hell. We'll get a few days of relief, where it's only in the mid-low 90s, and then it shoots right back up near or over 100. Uggggh... :(

Tags: cute, cycling, me, omg the weather

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