The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Am I janzing the xels?

Or xelling the janzes?

Because I can never remember. I mean, so many of these names of medicines are beyond random, but Xeljanz is two randoms run together like they mean something. I know that this is partly due to a turnabout on previous drug-labeling rules, where vendors' marketing teams concocted whizzy names that implied/hyped desirable benefits of the drugs (like "Vivactil" as an anti-depressant, or "Abilify" to treat mood discorders, and let's be honest, "Alleve" as a pain reliever). That was considered too influential. But still, WTF is a xel? Or a janz? \o?

Ever since prescription meds were allowed to advertise on television, commercials have gotten a lot weirder...

Speaking of TV, I am LOVING the presence of WEtv on our cable package this last month or so. Several days of the week, it seems to be rap and hip-hop reality shows, for no apparent reason. But a couple of the days are Law & Order marathons, mainly the original series (and including episodes older than the final 6 seasons!!!) and Criminal Intent. I can't record the channel, so it's hard not to stay up super-late on nights when they show either of those shows. I should be in bed right now! But I just realized that the teenager on the classic L&O episode I finished watching who looked so familiar was a very young Jacob Pitts (Tim from Justified). \o/ And then a Criminal Intent started up, apparently from after I stopped watching the show's original run, because I had no idea Vincent D'Onofrio had gotten so huge in those later seasons. Thanks to watching with the sound off, it took me awhile to decide who one of the other characters was supposed to be. He looked like a grizzled Tony Goldwyn, and sure enough, the relationship with Vincent's character and the near absence of eyelashes and eyebrows cemented the ID. And John Glover is randomly in this same episode as well, because of course he is... Ooh, but that scenery looks crunchy! :O

In Idol news, Thursday (now today) is the last day to vote for this week's stories. Mine is here, with a link to the poll for voting and for reading all the entries. There is some great stuff this week!

All right, off to bed. No xels will be janzed at this time, or ideally ever. I mean, I'd prefer not having any of my randomly broken/cracked bones come calling with trouble down the road...

Tags: humor, random, tv

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