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Just a reminder, today is the last day to read and vote for this week's LJ Idol entries! My story is here (and almost sure to make you smile), and there's a link to my partner's entry and to the poll to vote for those stories and any others you like! I have just 3 more to read myself, and there's a lot of great entertainment there. \o/


So, about a year and a half ago, I was forced to upgrade my work PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Two months later, it decided the headphone jack no longer existed. I tried various workarounds, but I could not persuade it to use anything but the USB port (which is where my audio headset for Skype/Zoom meetings plugs in). That meant I could only listen to music on a USB headset, and the one at home only has an ear unit on one side! So when my office sent everyone home to work remotely in early March, guess what I didn't know I needed to take with me? *cries*

I've been music-less up until the last 5-6 weeks, when HalfshellHusband mentioned that he had a USB-to-headphone converter that might allow my earbuds to work again. YESSSSSSSS! So, I'm finally able to listen to Spotify again, and expand my playlists. \o/

I went back through "Liked From Radio" a few weeks ago, and hit a song by Dirty Projectors called Overlord. At first I wondered what I'd been thinking, adding that song, but about halfway through I'd already ear-wormed myself with it again. Such lush, ear-candy harmonies!

Sometimes, I'll listen to huge parts of a specific artist's or group's catalogue, to see how much of their other music I like. Not so productive for Dirty Projectors—a lot of their music seems to explore being deliberately annoying. But it's how I discovered that while I didn't much like the particular Ledfoot or Picturebooks songs Spotify suggested for me, I liked the artists' overall sound, and there were several OTHER songs I did like. And that I don't like Florence and the Machine's lead singer's voice anywhere near as much as she does...

Last week, I was listening to The Lumineers, a group our daughter liked long before they became so popular. And yikes—for their most recent album, the lead singer is either experimenting with 'detuning' or he's just stopped trying to keep songs within his range. Singing on-key is pretty much my hard-limit. /o\

Tuesday, I tried Crosby, Stills, Nash, (and sometimes) Young, to add some of their music to my playlist. I'll regret this later, because it'll skew all my "Discover Weekly" offerings toward a bunch of random folk and 70s stuff, but whatever. Most of what I like is on Deja Vu (which is the album I bought way back in '74 or so), and overall... Neal Young's voice puts a hard, high edge on the group's harmonies that is tolerable in context, but damn, he should never have been allowed to sing lead. Urk. And who knew that the bluesy voice I liked so much on most of their songs was more often Dave Crosby rather than Stephen Stills? And then I listened to their 1977 album and wanted to cry. The late 70s sound ruined SO many bands.

Now it's back to some selective "Liked From Radio" choices, to retrain Spotify's algorithms. Maybe there's an American Gods** playlist? I've Shazamed a lot of bluesy songs from that show, most of which seem to be by the show's main music person, but it's a good sound. :D

**ETA: There IS! \o/

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