The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Elementary, My Dear

The entire weekend (and parts of yesterday!) were spent writing my LJ Idol story for this week—no surprise there. This was another intersection (which IS always a surprise to me). But for this round, our success rides on the combined votes for our entry plus our partner's, which is problematic for those of us who don't bring any RL friends or family or Facebook people to the part. My entry is here, with links to the poll and to my partner's story. Please read and vote, if you can! :D

I forgot to mention that in starting Elementary S2 for my garage-biking entertainment, I've come across the first appearance of Mycroft Holmes. Rhys Ifans looks a little scruffy in that role, but there's a captivating something-something about him that defies all logic. Every time he appears on the show, I think "Yes, Please!" And I do not know why. :O

OTOH, it also occurs to me that I made it all the way through S1 without once thinking, "Good god, what is Joan wearing?" So, those questionable fashion choices that seemed out-of-character to me in later seasons were not initially present. I mean, I found the 4-inch heels a little bizarre, but her S1 clothes were generally fun, attractive, and not particularly weird. Yet.

I also forgot to say that one of the books I recently finished was The Refrigerator Monologues, and I really enjoyed it. I don't really read comics/graphic novels, but I could not resist this book's premise. It's a set of linked stories set in the afterlife and told from the POVs of various women who were superheroes, or the girlfriend of a superhero or supervillain, and died as a result. All of these women have essentially been forgotten—the SuperArc has moved forward without them—and they are bitter and delightfully snarky about it. There are also fun nods to comics in general, such as the kids with Special Powers trying to decide what their Superhero names should be, or the supervillian who builds a gigantic pipe-organ under the big city, a pipe-organ that can wreak havoc and destruction. I mean, I would think that underground would not be the best place for a weapon that destroys buildings and infrastructure, but perhaps that's just me. This was a fun, creative read. :D

Now I'm currently in the middle of Butcher Bird, which seems a little like it was Richard Kadrey's test-pilot for his later Sandman Slim series (some key plot elements overlap). And speaking of bad ideas... I know they look cool and all, but there are reasons beyond the Hindenburg that airships and giant hot-air balloons never much caught on as a form of transportation. They're incredibly fragile, and thus very easy for enemies or simple misfortune to destroy. If you're on the water and your ship is destroyed, you might still survive. But if you lose your ship at altitude, the ground is much less forgiving. :O

Not that I'm bringing that up for any particular reason...

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