The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

A Tough Time To Be An American

Police are murdering our citizens, protestors are gathering coast-to-coast to express their anger and to demand justice, and our "President" is trying to foment anger and racism because stirring things up gives him more media coverage, and attention is what he craves most.

No one wants riots or looting, obviously. No one. But the police have had ample time and opportunity to police themselves, and aside from improvements in some localized areas, they haven't done it. Until they are willing to fire and prosecute bad cops, things are unlikely to get much better. People are rarely motivated to change when they don't feel the consequences of their bad decisions, and police department mentality has to shift from "protecting their own" to requiring integrity and accountability from their officers.

Because whether it's labeled as such or not, "racist panic" is not a legitimate excuse for a member of law enforcement to overreact to a situation, whether the overreaction results in homicide or even something as simple as unequal treatment under the law.

You would think "Don't be evil" would be a simple enough guideline for behavior, especially for a profession sworn to serve and protect citizens. But it apparently was too complicated for the Buffalo PD-- not just for the officers involved in shoving and injuring a 75-year-old black man, but also for other members of the department who quit in protest when those officers were held accountable!

For those of you in other countries who have added your protests to our own, thank you. Thank you for caring about the people who have been wronged, about Civil Rights as a whole, and about our country needing to live up to the ideas upon which we were founded.

Tags: political wonky-tonk, thinky thoughts

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