The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Hatin' On Ma Hair...

... like most of us right now, I suspect. IF my rescheduled haircut on June 13th actually happens, it will have been 5 months since I had a haircut. I was just about to get one in March, but my hairdresser's salon decided to close early on the day it was scheduled (all of California went into lockdown then). So, that was the worst possible time for postponement. \o?

I've just been letting it stay curly and unstyled since I started home-isolation in early March, because what's the point? For the office, my usual routine was to wash it at night and style it the next morning, since it takes hours to fully air-dry and even using the blow-dryer on it while it's fully wet still takes 20 minutes. But also, the bangs got too long to do anything except let it curl. Right now, if I straightened them, they would go down past the tip of my nose. And I would cave into the urge to cut them at home myself. Which could still happen...

But without blow-drying it straighter, my hair tends to get frizzy. And admittedly, I'm using the opportunity of being stuck at home to use up the ginormous bottle of "curl hydration" shampoo I bought back when I didn't know that moisturizing shampoo is the exact opposite of what you want for frizzy hair! There's product I can apply to reduce the frizz, but after my hair dries it feels either crispy or like it's got lotion on it, depending which product I used. And regardless, sleeping on it tends to bring the frizz back out. Ugh. At least I now know why the bangs so stubbornly want to curl in the wrong direction after a certain point: they're making ringlets. Yay... /o\

In other news, voting for this week's round of Idol closes in just a few hours, and the number of low votes for most of the stories overall tells me that there just aren't very many readers right now. Most votes are likely come from Facebook.

If you can help, please do! My story is here, with a link to the poll and all the other stories at the bottom. We would love to have more people participate in the reading and voting, to help move the best stories forward from the perspective of a larger group. Anyone can read and vote, and there is great stuff to be found there! \o/

All right, back to work. And getting more biking in before next week races toward 100o (yes, it got even worse after my last post where we thought it would be mid-upper 90s).

Tags: cycling, me, omg the weather, random

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